The Churches of Christ in Christian Union

2018 Mission Minded Men Annual Project

Our goal this year is to reach the nation of Paraguay by helping missionaries learn Guarani (gwahr-uh-nee), the heart language of 80% of Paraguayans. Specifically, we want to raise $15,000 and work teams to help construct housing at the Guarani-Jopara Language Institute where missionaries will live while learning Guarani.

Our theme this year is “Learning to Communicate.”  You may not feel called to another country to share the Gospel, but we can all lighten the load of those who have responded to the call God has given them. Your gift will make a difference today!



General Council 2014 Update

The Churches of Christ in Christian Union met Monday, June 23rd, and Tuesday, June 24th, 2014, for the 34th General Council at Ohio Christian University in Circleville, Ohio. Ministers, delegates, and denominational officials elected officers and considered resolutions for the coming Council terms. Many significant votes were taken. Results are listed below. 

Elected to following offices were:

2016 Nominating Committee: Dr. Mark Smith, Rev. Bowles Taitt, Rev. Chuck Elliott, Rev. Mark Barth, Rev. Jeremy Olson, Mr. Dean Hawk, Mrs. Lois Taylor, Mr. Dwight Hershey, Mrs. Goldie Ratcliff

General Superintendent Election: Dr. Thomas Hermiz

Assistant General Superintendent Election: Rev. Mike Holbrook

General Board of Trustees: Dr. David Case, Rev. Bowles Taitt, and Rev. Dan Harrison

Ohio Christian University Board of Trustees: Rev. Gary Heimbach, Dr. Connie Bowman, Dr. Daniel Tipton

General Missionary Board: Mr. Bill Bonham, Mr. Tim Hawk

General Board of Examination and Ordination: Rev. Don Seymour

General Church Extension Committee: Rev. Tim Throckmorton

General Evangelical Christian Youth Board - Treasurer: Rev. Steve Warner

General Evangelical Christian Youth Board - Advisory Pastor: Rev. Jeremy Olson

General Christian Education Committee: Rev. David Allison

General Camp Meeting Committee: Rev. Warren Goble, Rev. Pat Burnett, Mr. Joe Mathias, Mr. Dwight Hershey, Mr. Tom Fletcher

Retirement Plan Committee: Mr. Jerry Whited

General Evangelical Christian Ladies Committee: Mrs. Janet Dixon