The Churches of Christ in Christian Union

2014 District Council Update: South Central District

The South Central District met Friday, July 11th, 2014 for its 56th annual District Council at Brookside Church in Chillicothe, Ohio. Ministers, delegates, and district officials gathered to elect officers for the coming Council terms. Many significant votes were taken. Results are listed below.

Elected to following offices were:

Assistant District Superintendent: Leland Allman

District Board of Trustees: Dan Harrison, Gary Heimbach, David Marhoover

District Board of Examination and Ordination: David Lattimer

District Church Extension Committee: Kathy Collier

Pastoral Relationship Board: Mark Clendaniel

District Missionary Committee Chair: Elmer Hines

SCD ECY Vice-President: Chris Johnson

SCD ECY Secretary: Cory Sullivan

SCD ECY Advisory Pastor: Jay Neff

SCD ECY Member-at-Large: Janette Elliott

District Christian Education Committee: Gary Heimbach, Sr.

Camp Meeting Committee: Jim Slaughter, John Huffman

District ECL Committee: Suzanne Huffman

Resolution #1 – Nipgen Support: Passed