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Missionary Tidings - December 2010

Missionary Department

  • Remember that wise men still seek Him.  Have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!
  • Pray for our missionaries serving on their fields away from their families during the holiday season.
  • Pray for Rev. Norval Shepard in the passing of his wife, retired missionary Elsie (Conley) Shepard.

American Indian Field

  • Steve and Debbie Cartwright have returned to Arizona with their monthly support in place, and are happy to be able to resume their ministries.
  • Pray for Steve and Lori Baldwin as they celebrate the Christmas season with their Native American friends.  Pray that many will come to the Lord when they hear about the birth of Jesus and why He came to earth.
  • Pray for Virginia Detillion as she instills good study and life habits into her students.  Pray that they will want to serve the Lord after being influenced by Ginny’s life.
  • Pray for the medical issues Keith and Donna Bourne are dealing with.  They are excited and challenged that the Lord has opened the door for them to serve on the Navajo reservation in northern New Mexico.


  • Pray for Mike and Donna Brown as they minister to the people they love during the Christmas season.  Pray for Nathan and Eva and their influence on the kids they come in contact with at school.

El Salvador

  • David and Debbie Hawk are pleased to see progress on the field.  The church in Jucuapa is strong and growing and their work in the community is gaining strength and developing in ways they never imagined.  They are also closing in on a completion date for the medical center.
  • Pray for Jeremy and Melvina Hurd, Missionary Volunteer Partners who are raising funds to serve in El Salvador for one year.


  • Kent and Rhonda Harmless have been released to leave for Honduras on December 14!  Praise the Lord!  They have sold their vehicle and are using a loaner from one of our churches until their departure date.
  • Pray for Terry and Colleen Hawk as they provide leadership to the Hispanic ministries.
  • Praise the Lord for little Ava, who has joined her family, Jared, Chris and big sister Lilly Moyer.  Thanks for your prayers!
  • Tim Spetnagel left for Honduras on November 7.  Praise the Lord!  He is planning to be married this month.

Roatan, Honduras: Jared and Chris Moyer

Jared and Chris Moyer are Missionary Disciples raising support to serve on the Island of Roatan. Pray for this gifted young couple as they travel among our churches seeking the prayer and financial support they need.? Pray that the Lord will lead them to just the right donors who can help them complete their fund raising this spring.

Papua New Guinea: Shawn and Bethany Waugh

waugh_440.jpgWe'd love to introduce to you two missionary disciples to Papua New Guinea. Shawn and Bethany Waugh come from the Circleville Crossroads Church.

They are currently raising support for their first term, and, wow! do they have great testimonies. They both feel a strong call to missionary service.

Bethany is a PNG missionary kid, as she is Butch and Leatha Jenkins' daughter.

Let's really get behind this great couple, as they are desperately needed there. They will be involved in evangelism, leadership training and discipleship ministries.

Missionary Tidings - March 2009


March 2009    Missionary Department: 740-474-8856, Extension 714

American Indian Field

Housing market difficulties caused buyers to cancel their purchase of ten acres of land on the American Indian Field property.  This means they wont be able to complete the new buildings needed at this time. Please pray that the land sells. Pray for Steve and Debbie Cartwright as they experience an empty nest on the field. Their youngest daughter, Jennifer, is now attending Ohio Christian University.

Steve, Lori and Caylah Baldwin were blessed to travel home at Christmas for a few days

with family and friends. After they returned to the field they attended field meetings for three days for those who work and minister on the American Indian Field. This years topic was spiritual warfare.

Pray for safety in travel for Virginia Detillion and also that she will feel totally well after some winter sickness.


Pray for Mike and Donna Brown as they prepare to come to the States for Homeland Ministry Assignment this spring. Continue to pray for the country of Bolivia, which has been experiencing some turbulent months.

El Salvador

David and Debbie Hawk are seeing swift progress in getting permits for the surgical clinic in Jucuapa. They expect to begin construction in March.


Pray for Kent and Rhonda Harmless as they travel among our churches. Pray that the Lord will lead them to the supporters who need to join their team. Praise God for the good contacts they made in Florida last month.

Pray for Terry and Colleen Hawk as they provide leadership to the field of Honduras.

Praise the Lord for traveling mercies and the contacts Jared and Chris Moyer were able to make during their trip to the western United States.

Praise the Lord for Tim Spetnagels ministry with youth and children in Choluteca, Honduras.


A missionary named Margie has moved to the Baby Center to help with the finances. She is a gifted lady who will be a great help to the Center.

Pray for Mary Hermiz as she provides leadership to the Tenwek School of Nursing. The Spiritual Emphasis Week was a real blessing. Praise the Lord for the rain that has arrived in Kenya, and pray that more will come.


Pray for Missionary Disciples Tim and Kim Benner. Tim will assist work teams and help with carpentry and mechanics at Taylor Christian School and Taylor Community Center, and Kim will teach at the school. Pray that the right people will catch the vision for their upcoming ministry and begin to support them with prayer and finances.

Papua New Guinea

Praise the Lord for the contacts Shawn and Bethany Waugh were able to make during their road trip to the western United States.

Jim and Becka Johnson praise the Lord that the church is seeing the importance of working with youth. PNG nationals with a heart for youth need training to be able to teach and mentor. Pray that individuals in each district will have a burden to reach these young people.

Pray for Benji and Erica Jenkins, who are needed back in Papua New Guinea as soon as possible. Pray that their Homeland Ministry Assignment will go smoothly and God will lead them to the supporters they need.


Mark and Susana Bev Donahue continue to make plans to return to Paraguay in July 2009. God has given Mark a strong desire to reach out to the people in a village called Ybycui and its surrounding area. He will need to learn Guarani, the second official language of Paraguay, to communicate with them. Please pray for this future ministry and Marks study of the language.

Pray for Weadette Burge as she continues to raise support for her next term.

Special Assignment

Praise the Lord for the new spirit of responsibility and commitment among the local brothers and the wonderful team God has brought together. Pray for divine guidance and direction for this team.

St. Croix

The youth department at the St. Croix Church continues to grow. The church had a youth Sunday that was a great success with some dedicating their lives to the Lord. Ned and Marie Prince need your prayers as they serve in this labor of love.

El Salvador: David and Debbie Hawk

After serving in Honduras for 10 years, WGM missionaries David and Debbie Hawk accepted a new call to El Salvador.

David and Debbie Hawk serve as part of a team sent by the Honduran Holiness Church to Jucuapa, a town of about 37,000 people located on the eastern side of El Salvador. Two large cities are located minutes away from Jucuapa and numerous villages stand between them. Therefore, nearly 300,000 people live in close proximity to this ministry.

Members of the ministry team include Honduran pastors sent as missionaries as well as short-term volunteers from Honduras and the United States.

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