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El Salvador: David and Debbie Hawk

After serving in Honduras for 10 years, WGM missionaries David and Debbie Hawk accepted a new call to El Salvador.

David and Debbie Hawk serve as part of a team sent by the Honduran Holiness Church to Jucuapa, a town of about 37,000 people located on the eastern side of El Salvador. Two large cities are located minutes away from Jucuapa and numerous villages stand between them. Therefore, nearly 300,000 people live in close proximity to this ministry.

Members of the ministry team include Honduran pastors sent as missionaries as well as short-term volunteers from Honduras and the United States.

?I would say that the most pressing need is prayer,? said David Hawk. ?We believe that if there is to be a movement by the Holy Spirit on this nation it will be because God?s people have prayed.?