The Churches of Christ in Christian Union

We Are One: The 2020 OCU Offering

OCU Offering 2020Ohio Christian University invites you and your church to join us on September 13th for the 2020 OCU Offering. The offering theme is WE ARE ONE! OCU and CCCU are one! OCU is proud of our heritage as a ministry of The Churches of Christ in Christian Union. 

The university cannot succeed and move toward our God-given mission without great partners like you! Your gifts will have a significant impact on the lives of students. Dollars raised during the OCU Offering will help fund student aid, provide up-to-date technology across campus, and address campus project and infrastructure needs. All of this is for the purpose of positively impacting student lives and preparing Christ-centered, world-impacting servant leaders.

As we have moved into the fall semester, OCU students are on campus and in the classroom. Please join us in prayer for God’s protection to keep us COVID free, and for His blessing on our campus as we educate young men and women to serve effectively in the church and society by providing a holistic, Christ-centered, biblically integrated education in the Wesleyan tradition. Also, please take a moment to pray about taking up this offering for OCU. We have been in what seems unprecedented times with the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19 impacting churches and schools. As you pray for us, know that we are praying for you!

As you pray about and participate in the OCU Offering this year, please allow us to offer some encouragement to you and your congregation. Your support is vital to the mission of our University. Last school year, OCU awarded nearly $500,000 dollars of unfunded scholarships to students in the Theology and Ministry Department alone! CCCU’s 3% budget support and the OCU Offering in September enable OCU to offer that aid to our future ministers at a time when our churches need well trained pastors and leaders. Your support and gifts are so appreciated and so needed! It is our prayer that you will lead your congregation to pray for and support the September 13th OCU Offering.

There are three ways to give:
-On September 13th at your church
-Online at between now and September 13th. (Select OCU Offering in the dropdown)
-Mail your gift to: OCU Advancement, 1476 Lancaster Pike Circleville, OH 43130. Please mark your check: "OCU Offering".

There are several items you can use to help your congregation prepare for the offering. This includes bulletin inserts, posters, and PowerPoint slides. We have also compiled a few testimonials from CCCU pastors and denominational leaders. All of these items are available online and can be downloaded and used in your services. Visit

Together, CCCU and OCU truly are ONE. I want to offer any resource that OCU has available to breathe into our denominational churches, including interns, ministry teams, the Chorale, and our great preachers in our Ministry Faculty. When the OCU is filled with CCCU students and our churches are filled with OCU graduates, we can be a united and powerful force for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! The world needs the Gospel now more than ever! Let us stand united to see the Kingdom expanded! We Are One, together in Christ. Thank you for joining us in our mission and for investing in OCU students!