The Churches of Christ in Christian Union

General Prayer Requests

  • Mrs. Chera Duvall, physical need
  • Mrs. Chris Arni, physical need
  • Rev. Robert Sayre, physical need
  • Rev. Grover Blankenship, physical need
  • Caribbean Churches and Families
  • Donna Sollars, physical need
  • Open Churches

Missionary Prayer Requests

  • Tim & Aleyda Spetnagel, transition to new ministries in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
  • Tim & Aleyda Spetnagel, increase in financial support for ministry
  • Benji & Erica Jenkins, follow up with youth who participated in special youth ministries in August
  • Weadette Burge, fruitful season of raising support
  • Join us in praying that the Lord will call more workers into the harvest.
  • Pray also for those traveling in the US raising support and supporters for the ministries. Ask God to to give them safe travels, effective communication of the vision and the need, and a cheerful and generous response.

Click here to see the TiPS for Missions page for more information, praises, and updates.