Missionary Tidings

March 2017

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Missionary Department

~How we praise the Lord for our Advent offering that now totals $60,640.32. Glory to God in the Highest!
~Please put Saturday, April 29 on your calendar for our 2017 CCCU Missions Banquet sponsored by our Mission Minded Men. It will again be at our Circleville Crossroads Church with David Hawk, missionary to Honduras as the speaker and special music by Ablaze from OCU.
~The greatest need in our Missionary Department is still for new missionaries, especially in Papua New Guinea. Please pray for the work team from our Heritage Memorial Church and our Walnut Hill Church that will be visiting PNG in March. Pray that God will use them to encourage our missionaries and to spread the news of the ministry needs in PNG on their return to the U.S.
~Dr. David Lattimer has announced his resignation as the General Missionary Supt. as of the MOP camp in June. Please pray for our General Board of Trustees as they appoint the one who will serve the three years of Dr. Lattimer's unexpired term.

CCCU Missionaries serving on Homeland Ministry Assignment and Speakers available for services and meetings:

1. Tom Amlin-volunteer, American Indian Field-937-631-0122
2. Mary Hermiz-retired missionary to PNG and Kenya-740-777-7661
3. Jim and Becka Johnson-PNG missionaries-740-412-9302
4. Rev. Bob Jones-former missionary to PNG-740-288-5965
5. Dr. David Lattimer-General Missionary Supt.-740-412-1931
6. Greg and Teresa Leeth-Missionary Pastors-740-222-2907
7. Rev. Steve Palmer-work team leader-740-412-1224
8. Dan and Peggy Zimmerman-U.S. Hispanic Ministries-612-412-2384

American Indian Field

~Tom Amlin is grateful for safety in traveling and the Lord's blessing on his services. He will be traveling back to Arizona on March 8 to work on phase one of the building project at the Siloam Church. Please pray for the Lord's direction in the project, for his children, for more services after he returns in April and that the pastors conference at Window Rock will happen.
~Steve and Debbie Cartwright ask that we pray for the work team from Xenia Grace as they pray with Native American pastors and church leaders and help with the remodeling project at the Siloam Church. Please continue praying for Sonny, the 15 year old who is still in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound and for the Sosolda children who lost their 38 year old mother last month. Please pray as well for the elementary weekend camp, March 17-18 and for Steve's family, especially his Step-Mom Ethel as they adjust to life without his Dad, Richard.


~Mike and Donna Brown are thanking the Lord for Donna's ministry as the nurse at the Santa Cruz Learning Center's high school camp and her ministry at an eye clinic in the southern Bolivian city of Sucre where hundreds of people were helped. Mike is grateful for a number of recent preaching opportunities and the chance to help at a new church in the Los Piyos neighborhood of Santa Cruz which is pastored by two of his former students. Please pray for Nathan Schmidt as he assumes the position of field director which Mike had been filling. Please pray as well for a brother in a local church that Donna has arranged an eye surgery for on March 3. Finally pray for WGM President Dan Schafer and Regional Director Ron Gouge who arrive on March 7 for a field visit.


~David and Debbie Hawk are thankful for safety during some security issues in Tegucigalpa and for the annual conference of the Honduras national church with Hubert Harriman which reinforced their doctrinal stance on holiness. Please pray for David, Debbie and three Honduran leaders who will be attending the DNA Global Conference in Prescott, Arizona March 5-11.
~Terry and Colleen Hawk need our prayers as they travel in Mexico and on the border over the next ten days working with and encouraging the WGM missionaries there.
~Tim and Aleyda Spetnagel are praising the Lord for a successful outreach in their village ministries with 250 children at their project 4-14 event during which they distributed Christmas boxes from Samaritan's Purse. Please pray for Aleyda's coming doctor appointment and the health of the baby they are expecting.

Missionary Pastors

~Greg and Teresa Leeth are thankful for their recent opportunity to minister in our churches in Laredo and San Ignacio, Texas. Please pray as they prepare for the coming Hispanic meetings at Brookside and schedule visits to our new Hispanic churches.

Papua New Guinea

~Benji and Erica Jenkins are thanking the Lord for the 13 students now at the Bible School and for the hard work they are doing. Benji is now teaching classes in Bible study methods, preaching and pastoral ministry. Please pray for Erica as she serves as field treasurer and home schools their four children.
~Butch and Leatha Jenkins are praising the Lord for the health training sessions in the villages with Joyce Chiles, the huge peace ceremony which marked the end of fighting between the Ipdu and Upa clans and for safety when their truck broke down on the highway to Mt. Hagen. Please pray for Joselyn Pei, a young widow with four children, the wife of Jesi Pei, one of their former students who was killed during the tribal fight even though he was not participating. Finally please pray for the Pomberal Health Center during their leadership and staff crisis. The PNG Health Department is struggling and has not provided medicines for the last two months.
~Jim and Becka Johnson are thanking the Lord for the dinner at Bethel that raised $2708 for their ministry and for safety in traveling to the Missions conference at the Community Bible Church in Avon Park, FL. They still need $1663 in monthly support and $15,600 in cash to return to PNG.
Jim's left knee is healing well following ACL surgery in December and now he is having his right knee examined.
~Seth and Veronica Porter wish to thank all who have been praying for Seth's recovery from hepatitis during the last three months. He is now fully recovered and back to full strength, back to preaching and back to using the saw mill to cut lumber for a two story, four class room building for the school there in Montanda. Pray as they work with the community to complete this project.
~Shawn and Bethany Waugh need your prayers as they meet their doctor this week to study the results of his MRI and discuss the surgery and treatments he needs. He is still in a great deal of discomfort. Continue praying as well for Bethany and their three children as they adjust to life here in U.S.


~Weadette Burge is thankful that the tax exemptions for their six churches have been submitted, that she lacks only one document for the Ministry of Education, for the chance to speak to 20 youth, that her newsletter has been sent out and that the pastor appreciation dinner went well. Please pray for their missionary ladies retreat Feb. 28-March 2 and for her work on a song book, Sunday School lessons, scanning legal documents and guest house improvements.
~Mark and Bev Donahue are grateful for Bev's opportunity to spend time with Juliana, the coordinator of the Ladies Ministry at the Nueva Esperenza church and for Mark's chance to visit some friends outside the city and minister to a family and their neighbors. During the Sunday service four responded to an invitation. Please pray as they begin work on their HMA schedule starting in July, for Andres and his ministry with an Asbury group in Florida during their spring break, for the salvation of Renato, for the board of the Asuncion Christian Academy as they interview a candidate to be their director and for Bev as she leads worship and speaks at the Missionary Ladies Retreat Feb. 28-March 2.

Special Assignment

~The father is praising the Lord for a great trip over the last two weeks. Meetings were held concerning how those working with brothers from their former host country can partner more closely and advocate for the country more widely. He was greatly encouraged with many stories of how God is working in this country despite all the devastation from the civil war there. He's looking forward to sharing these stories during his HMA in April, June and July. He spent two days encouraging the leaders of the nine teams he oversees. Many of these have full time jobs and face strong resistance to their witness due to the majority religion there. He is praising the Lord for the seven new workers that are studying Arabic and being mentored in ministry approaches and cultural understanding. He also visited a couple of large cities where there is little or no gospel witness. Please pray that they will find locations where workers could be placed and that the Lord would move in these cities through internet sites and dreams.
~The father is praising the Lord that his family did so well while he was away. Their children have a busy month ahead with a school play involving two children, a son's distance races, another son's recording work, and another trip Dad has.

Please remember to be careful not to publish anything about them or their work and use caution when talking about them. Never refer to them on any social media.

Texas/Mexico Border

~John and Priscilla Kunkle need our prayers as they schedule services and camps during their HMA beginning in June. They are thankful for the services already scheduled.

U.S. Hispanic Ministries

~Dan and Peggy Zimmerman are praising the Lord that an Hispanic congregation is coming together there at Joan Heights, for the continued outreach at the local flea market, that Peggy's surgery and new glasses have resulted in her improved vision, for their faithful partners who make their ministry possible and for Jared's successful eye surgery. Please pray for Karen's recovery following a second knee replacement, for the Wednesday evening Bible studies that show great potential for increased attendance, for Pastor Ed's physical needs and for the many immigrants who are feeling increasingly insecure.

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