Our Missionaries

The CCCU has a great team of committed missionaries, serving in various places around the world. We'd love for you to meet them so you can pray better for them!

American Indian Field: Steve & Debbie Cartwright

steve-debbie-cartwright-2015Our main ministries focus in the areas of encouragement and training Native Christians.

We have also developed the Victory Guitar Outreach program in which we use the guitar as an evangelistic tool. Native Americans love music, and through the program we teach both Christians and non-Christians how to play the song Victory in Jesus.

Each guitar lesson is accompanied by a Bible study based on the song, where we choose to emphasize that we can serve Jesus and not be dragged back into the things we have left behind.

American Indian Field: Virginia Detillion

virginia detillionI sensed the Lord calling me to do something for Him while reading Isaiah 6:8. It seemed as if the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart when I read, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? And I said, Here am I. Send me!"

I can't think of any other place on the face of the earth I would rather be than on the American Indian Field. I have a strong sense of God's presence all around me.  I look at the beauty of God's creation and I marvel at all of it. The sandstone cliffs weathered by time look like castles. The rocks sculpted into different shapes by the hand of God are awesome.

Most of all, I love the people! God loves the Navajo people just like He loves us, and He has a plan and purpose for their lives.

Bolivia: Michael & Donna Brown

mike-donna-brown-2015From the beginning of our service to the Lord as missionaries, we discovered it to be full of many opportunities to share God's love! We are so thankful for the privilege of sharing Christ's love in a needy part of our world called Bolivia.

During this past term of ministry, Donna served at a center for abandoned babies with special medical needs. In addition to that and other humanitarian ministry, Donna was also able to teach English classes at one of our local churches.

Mike has enjoyed teaching at the Berea Bible seminary to help train future leaders in the Church. Trips to remote regions of the country have also provided him incredible opportunities to share the Gospel in places where it is still very new!

We thank the Lord for His strength and provision and so appreciate all our partners who faithfully give and pray to help make this ministry possible. We look forward to what God has in store for us next in the land of our calling Bolivia, South America!

Honduras: David and Debbie Hawk

david-debbie-hawk-2015David and Debbie serve as in Honduras as Field Directors. As Field Directors, they provide leadership to nearly two missionaries and ministries throughout Honduras.

David and Debbie served previously in El Salvador, where they planted a church in Jucuapa with the help of Honduran missionaries, and built a medical clinic.

Visit the Hawks' website at www.loshawks.com.

Honduras: Terry & Colleen Hawk

terry_colleen_hawkTerry and Colleen were called to Honduras during a spontaneous revival that broke out in their home church in 1981. They were privileged to be part of WGM?s great ministry at Escuela El Sembrador Donald Hawk (School of the Sower) for several years. They have seen hundreds of boys and young men go through the school's primary, secondary, vocational, and Bible Institute education programs.

Terry is currently serving as the Honduras Field Director and as the regional director for WGM's ministries in Central America.

Hispanic Ministries USA: Dan & Peggy Zimmerman

dan-peggy-zimmerman-2015Dan and Peggy Zimmerman are veteran missionaries.

They minister to Hispanic people in the United States through discipleship ministries and teaching English classes.

Honduras: Tim & Aleyda Spetnagel

tim-aleyda-spetnagel-2015I (Tim) was saved at the age of 10 at a church camp. The youth leaders at my church were the ones who taught me about the Lord and His love for me. One couple in particular made a tremendous impact on my life. I spent much of my childhood with them, and they showed me how to live a Christian life.

When I was 16, I was sanctified, and the Lord started something in me that I have never gotten over. At another church camp, God began to deal with me about full-time ministry.  During a trip with my church to inner-city Los Angeles, California, God gave me a love for missions. After my second mission trip to Honduras, God confirmed to me that this was His plan for my life. The Holy Spirit spoke to me in many ways, and I am excited to serve the Lord through missionary work.

In December 2010, I married Aleyda Vasquez Mendez.  We serve in Choluteca in youth, children's, and church planting ministries.

Pastors to Missionaries: Greg & Teresa Leeth

teresa-greg-leeth-2015Greg and Teresa Leeth serve as Pastors to Missionaries.  Previously, Greg and Teresa served as missionaries with The Churches of Christ in Christian Union on the Texas/Mexico border in Laredo, Texas, and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, for eight years as primary school educators, church planters, and field director. They pastored the Rochester Wesleyan Church in Rochester, Pennsylvania, for six years and Riverdale Church of Christ in Christian Union in Jasper, Ohio, for nine years. Currently, Greg and Teresa serve at New Covenant CCCU, in Waverly, Ohio, in the Sunday School department, the missionary department, and as assistant administration pastor.

Greg was saved at the age of 17 at Fairview CCCU, Pike County, Ohio, after a time of conviction and through the influence of Teresa's family. In that church, he was called to preach, given the opportunity to do so, and encouraged to further his education in ministry.

Teresa was saved at the age of 10 under the influence of her pastor and Sunday School teacher at the Cynthiana, Ohio CCCU. At the age of 11, she began to sense a call to missions that was later realized as she served in Mexico.

Together, they have raised three sons and have served in ministry since 1984.

Papua New Guinea: Benji and Erica Jenkins

benji-erica-jenkins-2015Benji and Erica served two years as Missionary Disciples in PNG and are now fully appointed CCCU missionaries. Benji serves as the director the Bible School in Mt. Hagan, preparing church leaders for ministry in the Highlands of PNG.  Erica served as the field treasurer and ministers to women in their community.

Pray for this talented couple as they make disciples and train leaders for the Christian Union Church of Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea: Butch and Leatha Jenkins


Butch and Leatha spent 10 years as missionaries in PNG until they felt the Lord leading them to return to the States. Since then, they have traveled with missions teams to multiple fields, and in February 2008 Leatha led another work team to PNG.

God once again broke their hearts and called them back to PNG, this time to work alongside the national church.

They will be investing time in people and not in buildings.  "It is our desire to work alongside the national church through training and encouragement. We want to help our brothers and sisters in Christ strengthen His church in PNG."

Papua New Guinea: Jim & Becka Johnson

jim-becka-johnson-2015Jim: I thank God every day for His saving grace and love and for the ways He has provided for and protected our family. I often wonder why God chose me to do His work in Papua New Guinea. I may never know the answer to that question, but one thing I do know is that God has a plan and job for everyone. I have been privileged to work as a missionary in the country where I grew up as a missionary kid. I want to do my best for the Lord, Who gave His best for me. I enjoy my ministries in Papua New Guinea, and sharing the Lord with the people is a privilege, part of our responsibility and an endless adventure.

Becka: I praise the Lord for Who He is! He is my Savior, Heavenly Father, Shield, Comforter, and best Friend. The Lord works in me as I witness to others and spread His Word in Papua New Guinea. It is great to be part of the Lord's work.

Papua New Guinea: Seth & Veronica Porter

seth-veronica-porter-2015Seth and Veronica Porter are newly appointed career missionaries serving in Papua New Guinea. The Montanda District of the Christian Union Church of PNG has recently experienced tribal fighting in their area, and the churches need help and encouragement. Seth will be working closely with the churches and pastors and will also be starting vocational classes for young men. Veronica will have her hands full homeschooling their three children, Elaina, Malachi, and Levi. She will also be involved with the church's women's ministry and will be involved any other ways she can find.

Seth was called into missions at a young age and struggled at first to know how God could use a country boy who worked with his hands on the mission field. As he got older, he recognized that God could use his skills and anyone's skills for His kingdom. Veronica grew up as a missionary kid with WGM and was born and raised in Bolivia, so you could say missions is in her blood.

Seth and Veronica met, fell in love, got married, and knew that their lives would be dedicated to serving the Lord on the mission field for as long as He wanted. While still in college, they applied to WGM, raised funds, and finished our Missionary Discipleship term (two years) in PNG.

Seth and Veronica know God wants them in PNG. When they return to PNG, Seth and Veronica will live in the Southern Highlands on the Montanda Station. Montanda is about a four- to six-hour drive from Mt. Hagen (where they lived before) over rough roads into the bush. The missionary house on the station has been empty for 30 years and needs a lot of repairs, including installing gutters, water tanks, and a solar system so they can have running water and electricity.

"We are excited about our new ministries and can't wait to see how God will continue to use us to further His kingdom in PNG."

Papua New Guinea: Shawn & Bethany Waugh


God has called Shawn and Bethany to be cross-cultural missionaries in a land filled with beliefs in many gods and cultural ties so strong that deepening your Christian faith can be extremely difficult.  They serve in Papua New Guinea because that is where God has called them and has prepared them to go.

Shawn and Bethany work at Christian Union Bible College in Mt. Hagen. Working with the people of Papua New Guinea has helped us see their desperate need for Christ. Their traditional religions focus on worshiping creation instead of the Creator.

There is a great need in Papua New Guinea for teachers to train national pastors in the Bible so that they will be well-equipped to evangelize and disciple their own people. God has called them to PNG to help fill this great need at Christian Union Bible College.

Paraguay: Weadette Burge

weadette burgeWeadette: I use to say that I had to work to support my mission's habit. (Between January of 1993 and August of 1995, I went on five work teams.) Over the next few years I realized my "habit" needed to become my life's work. So, on March 5, 2005 I flew out with my 9th work team. Only this time I didn't return to the US after two weeks. I stayed in Asuncion, Paraguay to work and live.

My ministries in Paraguay are very diverse. I work as the field treasurer, and the coordinator of Christian Education. In February of 2011 I began teaching Christian Education as a course in the Wesley Bible Institute.


Paraguay: Mark & Bev Donahue


Mark and Bev are involved in a mentoring and discipleship ministry among national believers in Paraguay. It is our prayer
that lives will be changed as people seek the Lord first in their lives.

In addition to serving as a mentor, Mark has worked as WGM's Paraguay's field office coordinator and guesthouse host, as the national church treasurer, and as a keyboardist for New Hope Church and the AMSLA (Latin American Holiness
Missionary Agency) worship team.  Bev's responsibilities include serving as WGM Paraguay's guesthouse hostess, as a board member and board secretary for Asuncion Christian Academy, and as an arranger and vocal coach for the AMSLA worship team.

Texas/Mexico Border: John & Priscilla Kunkle

john-priscilla-kunkle-2015John and Priscilla Kunkle, missionaries to Texas/Mexico Border Ministries in McAllen, Texas, are not new to missions. John was born in Bolivia, South America, and grew up there with his parents, Joe and Ellen Kunkle. It was during that time that John accepted the Lord as Savior and was sanctified to serve as a missionary pilot. Priscilla was born in Haiti, but grew up on the American Indian Field in Arizona, with her parents Leslie and Mary Ruth Madsen. Priscilla also accepted the Lord as Savior and sanctifier at a young age. John and Priscilla met while attending Vennard College in Iowa and were married in 1995.

John and Priscilla served in Bolivia from 2002 with the Wings of Peace ministry until its closure in 2008. Upon their return to the U.S., they were presented with the opportunity to serve temporarily on the Mexico border as pastors of a Hispanic church in Laredo, Texas.  They answered that call and moved with their four children, David, Jonathan, Tianna, and Anthony, to Laredo in 2009. The church now has a new pastor from Honduras, and John and Priscilla have sensed God leading them to make another change. A desperate need in McAllen, Texas, for teachers and workers at Taylor Christian School and Taylor Community Center prompted them to offer their services there. They have been reassigned as missionaries to the Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, which reaches out to the local Hispanic community through Christian education and community service.

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