Papua New Guinea: Seth & Veronica Porter

seth-veronica-porter-2015Seth and Veronica Porter are newly appointed career missionaries serving in Papua New Guinea. The Montanda District of the Christian Union Church of PNG has recently experienced tribal fighting in their area, and the churches need help and encouragement. Seth will be working closely with the churches and pastors and will also be starting vocational classes for young men. Veronica will have her hands full homeschooling their three children, Elaina, Malachi, and Levi. She will also be involved with the church's women's ministry and will be involved any other ways she can find.

Seth was called into missions at a young age and struggled at first to know how God could use a country boy who worked with his hands on the mission field. As he got older, he recognized that God could use his skills and anyone's skills for His kingdom. Veronica grew up as a missionary kid with WGM and was born and raised in Bolivia, so you could say missions is in her blood.

Seth and Veronica met, fell in love, got married, and knew that their lives would be dedicated to serving the Lord on the mission field for as long as He wanted. While still in college, they applied to WGM, raised funds, and finished our Missionary Discipleship term (two years) in PNG.

Seth and Veronica know God wants them in PNG. When they return to PNG, Seth and Veronica will live in the Southern Highlands on the Montanda Station. Montanda is about a four- to six-hour drive from Mt. Hagen (where they lived before) over rough roads into the bush. The missionary house on the station has been empty for 30 years and needs a lot of repairs, including installing gutters, water tanks, and a solar system so they can have running water and electricity.

"We are excited about our new ministries and can't wait to see how God will continue to use us to further His kingdom in PNG."

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