Paraguay: Weadette Burge

weadette burgeWeadette: I use to say that I had to work to support my mission's habit. (Between January of 1993 and August of 1995, I went on five work teams.) Over the next few years I realized my "habit" needed to become my life's work. So, on March 5, 2005 I flew out with my 9th work team. Only this time I didn't return to the US after two weeks. I stayed in Asuncion, Paraguay to work and live.

My ministries in Paraguay are very diverse. I work as the field treasurer, and the coordinator of Christian Education. In February of 2011 I began teaching Christian Education as a course in the Wesley Bible Institute.

These official responsibilities require me to sit with my hands hovering over a keyboard, but the ones that don't carry a title are not as routine. Baking, crocheting, drawing illustrations, writing lessons, teaching, painting a mural, directing VBS, acting in a skit or just lending a listening ear are just a few possibilities in any give week.

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