Missionary Tidings

December 2016

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Missionary Department

~Please pray for our new Christmas offering for missions which has been named the Advent Offering. This offering is to celebrate the fact that our wonderful Lord came and that He is coming again. It will be used to fund our Disaster Relief Fund and our Missionary Department just as the February Sacrifice offering did formerly. We are depending on it for 20 percent of our operating budget like the February Sacrifice offering did. A total of 100 of our CCCU churches sent in an offering in our last February Sacrifice offering. Please pray that at least 100 will take part in this Advent offering.
~Dr. David Lattimer has a prayer list of OCU students and three young couples that have spoken to him concerning the possibility of missionary service. We now have received our first new missionary application in over five years from that list. If you know of someone that God could be speaking to about missionary service, he would really like to add their name to that prayer list. Please contact him at 740-412-1931 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you know of such a person.

CCCU Missionaries serving on Homeland Ministry Assignment and Speakers available for services and meetings:

1. Tom Amlin-volunteer, American Indian Field-937-631-0122
2. Mary Hermiz-retired missionary to PNG and Kenya-740-777-7661
3. Jim and Becka Johnson-PNG missionaries-740-412-9302
4. Rev. Bob Jones-former missionary to PNG-740-288-5965
5. Dr. David Lattimer-General Missionary Supt.-740-412-1931
6. Greg and Teresa Leeth-Missionary Pastors-740-222-2907
7. Rev. Steve Palmer-work team leader-740-412-1224
8. Dan and Peggy Zimmerman-U.S. Hispanic Ministries-612-412-2384

American Indian Field

~Tom Amlin is praising the Lord for safety as he has traveled, for the churches who have allowed him to come and for the progress being made in designing the changes to be made in the Siloam church building. Please pray for the support he needs to return to Arizona and for the completion of his book on the unique ministry God gave to Tom and Jackie entitled In Sickness And Health-A Love Story. It will soon be published.
~Steve and Debbie Cartwright need our prayers for Steve's Dad, Rev. Richard Cartwright as he undergoes six weeks of radiation therapy for brain cancer. Please pray also for the new guitar classes and the "refresher classes" being taught in December and January and for the January Leaders in Training camp and the plans now being finalized.


~Mike and Donna Brown are thanking the Lord for His help during their annual field staff conference last week and for the new medical program inaugurated at the Bolivian Evangelical University. They request prayer for the students at both the university and the Berea Bible Seminary as they take their final exams this week. Please pray as well for the water shortages in many parts of western Bolivia and for the regional staff retreat the first week of January.


~David and Debbie Hawk need prayer for the Punta Gorda Church in Roatan that is transitioning to a ministry which no longer includes a missionary presence. Pray for wisdom for those making important decisions during this transition. They are praising God for a fruitful year spiritually and academically at El Sembrador and request prayer for the new graduates as they make important life decisions in the coming days. Pray as well for staff and students to regain the energies needed for the new school year beginning in February and for the Director Enoch Ulloa who suffered a broken leg during a student-staff soccer game. Finally, please pray for the Trainers of Trainers conference in Panama City, December 5-9 and for the 15 Honduras Church leaders who will receive training to be conference speakers all over Latin America on the subject of Discipling The Nations.
~Terry and Colleen Hawk ask that we pray for the WGM Gathering that will take place December 5-8 there in Marion. This is when retired missionaries and those on HMA come together for spiritual renewal, learning and fellowship. A total of 100 to 120 are expected.
~Tim and Aleyda Spetnagel are praising the Lord for the confirmation of the curriculum for the new nursing program by the Secretary of Education for Honduras. Please pray for the additional work that must be done on this curriculum and the renovation of the property that will house the school that will open in February. This renovation will be a temporary solution. Property must be found on which to build a new school.

Missionary Pastors

~Greg and Teresa Leeth are thanking the Lord for the joy they had in visiting our missionaries on special assignment and in PNG and the joy of sharing Scripture, prayer and encouragement with them. The PNG retreat was a time of much needed rest and spiritual formation. They loved the time with each family and the chance to see their ministries.

Papua New Guinea

~Benji and Erica Jenkins are also grateful for the ministry of Greg and Teresa Leeth during their recent visit. Please pray for Benji's multiple responsibilities at the Bible School and with the national church leaders. Erica needs our prayers for her many duties as mother and home school teacher to their four children.
~Butch and Leatha Jenkins are praising the Lord that their district conferences went well and that despite a sniper shooting at the market near Embi no one was injured and the Embi people have so far refused to join in the fighting. They need our prayers for the end of the fighting at Upa, for the Bible School students on their winter break that they will return for the next school year and for new students to answer the Lord's call to come to CUBC.
~Jim and Becka Johnson need our prayers for Jennifer who is recovering from a knee surgery and for Jim who is facing a possible knee surgery. They still need $1962 in monthly support and $42,369 in cash to return to PNG. Pray for their schedule of services that is full and that new partners will join their ministry.
~Seth and Veronica Porter need our prayers as they complete their first year in PNG and spend their first Christmas away from their families in the U.S. Please pray for Seth as he preaches at numerous special services during the holiday season. They are thanking the Lord for all the projects Seth has around the house, their station and at churches which allow him to build relationships and live Jesus in front of the young men who help him. Veronica stays busy with homeschooling, Mama duties and preparing food for Seth's helpers.
~Shawn and Bethany Waugh are grateful that the Bible School year ended well and that they have received some new applications for the new year. Please pray that there will be a good enrollment of both returning and new students. Please pray as well for Shawn who has a badly sprained ankle and has been on crutches for two weeks. The doctors at the Nazarene hospital gave him some medication but say there's nothing more they can do. Please pray for healing and relief from his pain.


~Weadette Burge is thanking the Lord for relief from a head cold, for the new believers and increased attendance at the Nueva Esperanza church and for the opportunity to join 70 others at their family retreat. She asks that we pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on their pastors, the sanctification of believers in the World Gospel Church and for strength as she continues to juggle her many administrative duties and her work on VBS materials, their Chorus book and an update on their Sunday School lessons.
~Mark and Bev Donahue are grateful that Mark has now finished his year of teaching English to 7th-9th graders at a local Christian school, that Bev was not hurt when a motorcycle hit the right door of the car she was driving and that Andres and his dorm mate were able to spend Thanksgiving with their mothers. Bev was able to share the Thanksgiving story with some ladies from other countries. They need our prayers for the Asuncion Christian Academy that needs a General Director, for the National Church elections in January, for the new Treasurer needed to replace Mark and again for the salvation of Renato. Please pray as well for Andres as he faces final exams at Asbury and then flies to Paraguay for the holiday. Finally, please pray for guidance as Mark and Bev prepare to lead the worship at the WGM Regional retreat in Peru the first week of January.

Special Assignment

~The father needs prayer as he disciples a new believer from their former host country who brought his ten year old son to be treated for injuries from the fighting and is now looking for a way to stay in country. The mother of our family is feeling the stress from her teaching load and caring for their four children especially during the father's trips. This is causing them to question if she should try to teach next year. If she did not, they would need to raise more support to cover the cost of the children's schooling and this would require them to seek another option for their residence visa.

Please remember to be careful not to publish anything about them or their work and use caution when talking about them. Never refer to them on any social media.

Texas/Mexico Border

~John and Priscilla Kunkle are thanking the Lord for His protection this week in a situation they faced at Taylor Christian School. They will share more when they can. They continue to request prayer for Jesse, who they have been working with and mentoring. He is separated from his family and needs healing in his relationships that will only come through real repentance.

U.S. Hispanic Ministries

~Dan and Peggy Zimmerman are praising the Lord for the new people at the Wednesday and Sunday meetings at the Hispanic church plant in West Columbus and for the special gifts received to finance the indoor space at the West Broad flea market. They likewise are thankful for the spiritual growth of Rene, Luciano and Maricola and for the significant decrease in the pain in Peggy's right eye following surgery. Please pray for Jerry who needs another MRI to determine the cause of his continual pain, for Santiago who is out of work just as he is planning a trip to Mexico to visit family and for Peggy's recuperation process following retinal eye surgery that could take ten weeks or more. Finally, please pray that the visitation efforts and contacts will result in growth at the Spanish church plant in Joan Heights.

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