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June 2017

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Missionary Department

~Please pray for the West Central District Missions Rally at 6:00 PM on July 9 at Columbus Grace Ministries with Dr. Jim Lo, former Wesleyan missionary to South Africa and faculty member at Indiana Wesleyan speaking.
~Please pray for the South Central District Missions Rally on July 21 at 7:00 PM with ministry to children including a puppet show as the focus.
~Please pray for the Northeast District Missions Rally at 7:00 PM on July 27 with Mark and Bev Donahue sharing their ministry and a message from Dr. David Lattimer.
~The General Board of Trustees has appointed Mary Hermiz to serve as the interim General Missionary Superintendent beginning in August until a new Superintendent will be appointed in November. Please pray for Mary and Debbie Palmer during this transition period.
~How we praise the Lord for our Advent offering that now totals $66,135.72. Glory to God in the Highest!

CCCU Missionaries serving on Homeland Ministry Assignment and Speakers available for services and meetings:

1. Tom Amlin-volunteer, American Indian Field-937-631-0122
2. Mary Hermiz-retired missionary to PNG and Kenya-740-777-7661
3. Jim and Becka Johnson-PNG missionaries-740-412-9302
4. Rev. Bob Jones-former missionary to PNG-740-288-5965
5. Dr. David Lattimer-General Missionary Supt.-740-412-1931
6. Rev. Steve Palmer-work team leader-740-412-1224
7. Greg and Teresa Leeth-Missionary Pastors-740-222-2907
8. Shawn and Bethany Waugh-Papua New Guinea-740-601-6985
9. Dan and Peggy Zimmerman-U.S. Hispanic Ministries-612-412-2384

American Indian Field

~Tom Amlin needs your prayers as he seeks to recruit a team to join him on a trip this fall to complete phase one of the remodeling of the Siloam Church pastored by the Cartwrights. Please pray as well as Tom continues raising support for his ministry and also pray for the health of his daughter Kelly.
~Steve and Debbie Cartwright need our prayers for their summer camp season that is about to begin. The first teen camp will be June 18-22 and the second teen camp will be June 25-29. The 3rd-6th grade camp is July 9-13 and the 1st-3rd grade camp. Please pray that several teen leaders will assume leadership roles in these camps and for God's blessing on the ministry of each of the teachers and volunteers.


~Mike and Donna Brown are praising the Lord for Mike and Nathan's two week trip to the southern Bolivian states of Chuquisaca and Potosi. They visited eight different communities. Mike preached eight times, saw some 30 first-time converts and baptized four. Nathan's juggling skills captured the interest of the young and old and opened the door to share Scripture with the student body in three public schools opening a door of ministry for the local churches near them.


~David and Debbie Hawk are praising the Lord for their trip to Paraguay for the DNA Vision Conference attended by 40 adults who expressed excitement over helping to transform their families, communities, churches and nation. Please pray for IMPACT, a retreat for the directors of each of WGM's 23 fields and for the 4/14 teacher trainings and camps taking place in Honduras this summer.
~Terry and Colleen Hawk are thanking the Lord for strength and safety as they traveled over 6000 miles visiting the missionaries in their region. They will celebrate 44 years of marriage on June 11, will attend the WGM IMPACT June 4-16 and will be in Honduras June 26-July 8.
~Tim and Aleyda Spetnagel need your prayers as they work to raise funds for the property needed for the nursing school in Choluteca that has now begun. Pray as well for Aleyda and their third son that they are expecting in July.

Missionary Pastors

~Greg and Teresa Leeth need your prayers as they minister to the many WGM missionaries who are in the U.S. for the WGM IMPACT, for their visit to Stockton, CA in July and then their visit to Honduras for the field retreat there.

Papua New Guinea

~Benji and Erica Jenkins need our prayers as they travel to the WGM IMPACT June 4-16. Pray for Butch and Leatha as they care for their four grandchildren while Mom and Dad are in the U.S.
~Butch and Leatha Jenkins need prayer for their family members that will be traveling this summer, for peace during the PNG election season, for the new students needed for the coming January term and for a fresh wind of the Spirit to sweep over the villages, churches and church leaders in each of the nine PNG districts.
~Jim and Becka Johnson must raise $583 in monthly support and have their work permits renewed before they can return to PNG. Please pray that God will meet these needs. They are thankful that Jennifer has completed her first year of college and is home for the summer.
~Seth and Veronica Porter are praising the Lord that in the last month Seth has helped two local churches to put up the frames for their buildings and half the roofs. They must now wait until the resources are available to purchase more building materials. Please pray for Seth's preaching ministry in the Montanda district and especially his opportunity to speak at the Nipa High School on June 11. This is a golden opportunity to share the gospel with so many young people.
~Shawn and Bethany Waugh are so thankful for the healing to Shawn's back following his surgery. Pray for them as they schedule services and make plans for their HMA beginning this summer.


~Weadette Burge is thankful for a productive month of May which included the DNA VISION conference with 67 attending and the completion of a song book now available to their churches. Please pray for the missionaries to Paraguay that must travel in June and that God will work in a mighty way during their June 11 prayer service.
~Mark and Bev Donahue are grateful for God's blessing on a very busy month of May including a tea to honor the mothers at the Nueva Esperanza Church, the DNA Vision Conference with David and Debbie Hawk and the trip that Andres made to Argentina for ministry with Vince and Ruth Archer. Please pray for God's guidance and blessing during their six months of HMA beginning on June 20 as they raise support to return to Paraguay, for Andres as he works at the Xenia Grace daycare this summer and again for the salvation of Renato.

Special Assignment

~This family will return June 5 and will be on HMA through the end of the year. Please pray for guidance as they work through the best means of providing for their children's schooling during this period.

Please remember to be careful not to publish anything about them or their work and use caution when talking about them. Never refer to them on any social media.

Texas/Mexico Border

~John and Priscilla Kunkle need prayer for their ministry in our camps and churches in Ohio during this summer. Please pray for their son, Jonathan who just graduated from high school, for Jesse who has reunited with his wife and is back attending church and for Anthony, a young man who came to the Lord last week and is beginning his new life in Christ.

U.S. Hispanic Ministries

~Dan and Peggy Zimmerman are thanking the Lord for three new people attending the Bible Study at Karl Road, for Santiago's return to Joan Heights and for two ladies that have started to attend there. They are also grateful for another group of three they met at the flea market that now have been to the food pantry and for a former member of their Whitehall group now attending at Joan Heights. Please pray for their continued outreach efforts in North Columbus, Washington CH and the Hilltop area of west Columbus. Pray that so many they have met at the flea market will visit the Bible Study and the services at Joan Heights. Pray also for the salvation of Rene's family and for safety as they travel to all their Bible Studies and services. The Lord protected them recently despite a collision while traveling in Virginia.

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