The Churches of Christ in Christian Union

Donate Now for Hurricane Maria Relief in Dominica and St. Croix

Hurricane Maria made a direct hit on Dominica as a Category 5 storm and there is extensive damage on the island.  Likewise St. Croix has been hit very hard.

CCCU has 16 churches on the island and we want to help them rebuild and serve their communities with immediate assistance.  

Your gift will make a difference today!
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CCCU Resources for You

CCCU Manual

CCCU Manual $15.00

$15 for the paperback version.  $5 for binder insert only.  Every leader, minister, and lay leader should have a copy of the latest Manual. 

This publications is essential for all individuals involved at the local, district, and general levels of The CCCU.

CCCU Yearbook 2017/18 Edition

CCCU Yearbook 2017/18 Edition $25.00

The 2017/18 Yearbook is now available.  $25 for complete book or $15 for insert only.

Living Legacies

Living Legacies $10.00

A brief history of the CCCU.

Required reading for ministerial students and a "must read" for every CCCU member.

Make this book part of your membership orientation.

What We Teach

What We Teach $1.50

A summary statement of the doctrines and theology of The Churches of Christ in Christian Union.

A great resource for visitor packets and for new converts, discipleship and spiritual personal development.

Discovering Holiness

Discovering Holiness $5.00

5 lesson workbook

Now 25% off

A Walk Through the Church

A Walk Through the Church $0.35

A quick introductory overview of The Churches of Christ in Christian Union.

A great resource for visitor packets.

Entire Sanctification Explained

Entire Sanctification Explained $0.10

This pamphlet by Dr. Thomas Hermiz is a great resource to help people understand the importance of entire sanctification.

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