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TiPS LogoDecember 4, 2019

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Missionary Department

Michael Tipton HeadshotDear Prayer Supporters,

Thank you for your fervent Great Commission prayers! The prayers of the Church are the primary fuel for all missionary endeavors. Please join us in prayer for the needs of our missionaries below. Passionate prayer changes the world.

Trusting Him,

Michael Tipton
General Missionary Superintendent

American Indian Field

~Steve & Debbie Cartwright - Please pray for a young mom named Louisa. She was struck by a car while walking along the road, and subsequently hit by two more cars. After a week in a coma, she is talking and starting to heal. It is a miracle she is alive.
-Please pray that she will come back to God in this crisis, that her body will heal, and that her small children will sense God's comfort.
-Pray for the Siloam Church Christmas program, which is held every year on Christmas Eve. It is a big outreach to the surrounding community. After the program we have food and gifts for the children. For many people, this is the only time in the year they come to church.

The Americas Region

~David & Debbie Hawk - Praise the Lord for a good trip to Argentina and Brazil! We had a positive experience in Brazil exploring a new ministry partnership. We are now working on a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a new partnership with this organization. Thank you for praying for us as we traveled!
-Please continue to pray for the situation in Bolivia. New presidential elections will be held. Pray for continued safety for our missionaries and Bolivian pastors, and for peace for the country.

Updates and Continued Prayer Requests

-Mission Minded Men (MMM) Work Team #3, led by our MMM President, Mr. Steve Henry, arrived safely and on time in Papua New Guinea. They are already making great progress on the Married Student Housing Project at Christian Union Bible College. You can see regular picture and video updates by following the General Missionary Department Facebook page.
-Please continue to pray for MMM Work Team #3 as they minister in PNG. Pray also for our missionaries who have been busy hosting work teams for the last five weeks.
-Our Advent Offering appeal letter will arrive in mailboxes in the next few days. We covet your prayers that the letter would be well received and stimulate a great response from our people.
-The Advent Offering Prayer Journey is underway! Please join us in praying for workers for the harvest. Be sure to follow our social media posts throughout Advent at,, and Our Prayer Calendars can be found at

Missionaries available for services, events, & small group meetings:

-Tim & Aleyda Spetnagel (Honduras) 740-207-9753
-Jonathan Taylor, Creative Access (Call Missionary Department at 740-474-8856)
-Davis & Joy Thomson, Creative Access (Call Missionary Department at 740-474-8856)
-Tom Amlin (American Indian Field) 937-631-0122
-Mike & Donna Brown (Bolivia) 765-603-0179
-Doug & Becky Darfus (American Indian Field) 614-203-0494
-Butch & Leatha Jenkins (Special Assignment) 740-601-0942
-Gene Mattox (Papua New Guinea) 614-207-4823

 Other Available Missionary Speakers:

-Dr. Mary Hermiz (Interim Missionary Supt. and former missionary) 740-777-7661
-Rev. Bob Jones (former missionary to Papua New Guinea) 740-710-8493
-Rev. Steve Palmer (work team leader) 740-412-1224
-Rev. Scott Polley (168 IF ministry leader) 614-558-3790
-Rev. Michael Tipton (General Missionary Superintendent) 740-474-8856

Lending Library Information - The library is operated by the Christian Education Department.

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