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Donate Now for Hurricane Maria Relief in Dominica and St. Croix

Hurricane Maria made a direct hit on Dominica as a Category 5 storm and there is extensive damage on the island.  Likewise St. Croix has been hit very hard.

CCCU has 16 churches on the island and we want to help them rebuild and serve their communities with immediate assistance.  

Your gift will make a difference today!

TiPS for Missions (Together in Prayerful Supplication)

October 18, 2017

Mailing Address:
CCCU Global Ministry Center
Missionary Department
1553 Lancaster Pike
Circleville, OH 43113

Missionary Department

mary hermiz sept oct 2017Dear Prayer Supporters,

Change – Change – and more Change!
It was decided that a name change was needed for our weekly prayer requests. The title "Missionary Tidings" served us well for decades when we had our own magazine. Now it is time to change the name to something more appropriate. I love what the acronym stands for! Please join us in prayer for the needs of our missionaries.

Trusting Him,

Mary Hermiz
Interim General Missionary Superintendent

American Indian Field

~Tom Amlin - Praise the Lord for the team that made such progress working on Phase I of the Siloam church project. Missionaries Steve and Debbie Cartwright were so valuable in working with the team. Debbie and ladies from the church made sure we had good meals morning and evening. Steve helped to keep tools, materials always available. There will be more pictures and information on my website, Please pray for, Siloam church, Steve, Debbie, and me as we continue to work to complete Phase I. God is doing a good thing at Siloam church on the Gila River reservation. A huge thank you to our prayer and financial supporters.

~Steve and Debbie Cartwright - Praise the Lord for a great work team that Tom Amlin recruited and all the work that was accomplished on the Siloam Church remodel project. Praise the Lord for the way people have been coming to church so faithfully at Siloam and also working alongside the team on the project. Pray for the new believers at Siloam who are asking God to help them break the chains of drug and alcohol addiction.  Please pray for the Teen Weekend Camp at Southwest Indian Ministries Center, happening Friday-Sunday Oct. 20-22. The theme is "Going Deeper." We will be exploring topics of discipleship and servanthood.


~Mike and Donna Brown - Please pray for a Bolivian nurse friend of Donna's, Sofia, and her fiancé Juan Carlos, as they will be getting married on Saturday (Oct. 14).  Please pray for Donna as she helps with some of the wedding preparations.

Please pray for one of Mike's high school students at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center (SCCLC), RC, who is a special needs kid with some educational challenges.  Pray for those developing his academic plan.


~Tim and Sharon Hawk - The theme of the conference where Tim spoke was family – helping pastors balance family and ministry.  Tim spoke Thursday night on what it takes to keep your family together.  God used his message.

Papua New Guinea

~Butch and Leatha Jenkins - Please pray for: (1) Nansi Kubi (Nancy), a young woman that worked alongside of us at Embi. Pray that she will continue to use what she learned to help others and glorify God. (2) Nansi's 3 brothers to also know and follow God. (Aisaia (Isaiah), Aisak (Isaac), and Moses. (3) Aisak (Isaac), who is completely deaf and spent a lot of time with Butch. He is a good worker and quick to learn. Pray that he will understand God’s grace.   

~Benji and Erica Jenkins - Praise the Lord for this special answer to prayer! We prayed 8 years for this day. It is finally here! It is our first day of school with our new teacher, April Arbaugh Bates. She will be teaching our missionary kids who are in the 8th, 5th, and 3rd grades. Pray for April that God will help her as she teaches these wonderful children.

Dominica Update

~Here is an update from Miranda Ackie, Roseau, Dominica:
Last Sunday they tried to go to the church for church.  But after 20 minutes, they just started trying to clean up.  So Miranda, ladies, and men, began picking up debris.  After a short time, they were all itching on their skin and then it began to burn.  Their eyes also were itching and burning.  Miranda said she had to go home and wash.  I am not sure what materials they were handling, but I'm guessing it was ceiling tile.
Yesterday she emailed again and said there is an outbreak of leptospirosis.  They had feared this would happen.  Her neighbor died from it and was buried yesterday.   I looked it up on line, and it happens in the tropics.  It is a bacteria that is spread through rodents and animal urine.  It can be severe and cause meningitis, bleeding, and lack of breathing.  She also said that they began to get water thru their pipes, but it was muddy water.
A ship of supplies came and she was so glad to receive a package of toilet paper, as they were out of it.   She is able to go to her work place to have a few minutes electric to send out an email or two. 

General Missionary Department

~Would you take the 10:2 challenge? What is it? Dr. Dan Schafer, president of WGM, is challenging each of us to pray the prayer of Luke 10:2. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (NIV). Many of us have set our alarms (except on Sundays) on our phones to ring at 10:02. We stop and we pray that God will call. Will you join us in praying?

Now Available for Missionary Services (with phone numbers and date HMA is complete):

1. Tom Amlin, volunteer, American Indian Field - 937-631-0122
2. Mark and Susana Bev Donahue, Paraguay - 937-815-6184 - HMA Completion Date: January 2018
3. Mary Hermiz-retired missionary to PNG and Kenya -740-777-7661
4. Rev. Bob Jones, former missionary to PNG -740-288-5965
5. John and Priscilla Kunkle, U.S. Hispanic Ministries - 956-319-7681 - HMA Completion Date: May 2018
6. Rev. Steve Palmer, work team leader -740-412-1224
7. Greg and Teresa Leeth, Missionary Pastors -740-804-1084
8. Shawn and Bethany Waugh, Papua New Guinea -740-601-6985 - HMA Completion Date: early Summer 2018
9. Dan and Peggy Zimmerman, U.S. Hispanic Ministries - 612-412-2384

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