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Missionary Department

mary hermiz sept oct 2017Dear Prayer Supporters,

Change – Change – and more Change!
It was decided that a name change was needed for our weekly prayer requests. The title "Missionary Tidings" served us well for decades when we had our own magazine. Now it is time to change the name to something more appropriate. I love what the acronym stands for! Please join us in prayer for the needs of our missionaries.

Trusting Him,

Mary Hermiz
Interim General Missionary Superintendent


-Butch Jenkins made a trip to Dominica to take a look at the situation among our church community following Hurricane Maria. The ten hour hurricane did damage that will require years to rebuild. It is now four months after the hurricane, and only 15% of the island has electricity restored. Most of our church buildings suffered roof damage, some with the entire roof blown away. An even bigger concern is that many church members along with entire communities are struggling with damaged homes. A lot of people are basically camping out, living in a small portion of their house, or crowding in someone else’s house. Temporary tarps are covering houses in place of the destroyed roofs. Unfortunately, hurricane season begins again in June. The tarps will not withstand any winds.
-Please pray for strength and wisdom for the church leaders, the pastors and the church community as they work together to restore their buildings and their lives.


-David and Debbie Hawk - Please continue praying for the political situation in Honduras. The presidential inauguration was Saturday. The opposing party is still threatening to continue to protest.
-Pray for the national church as they have their annual business meetings in February. This is election year for the president of the national church.

Papua New Guinea

-Praise the Lord the new SD media cards finally arrived! They are loaded with Bibles and songs in 3 languages, as well as several Bible studies. These will fit in even basic cell phones.
-Pray for the distribution of the cards. Pray that the Word and songs will saturate hearts and carry fruit.

Answers to Prayer and Continued Prayer Requests

-Praise the Lord that our family on Special Assignment and the Donahues in Paraguay arrived in their home country without incident. Pray for them as they continue to settle back into life and routine in their respective places.
-Pray for Ryan Johnson as he will have his tonsils removed on February 1st.
-Pray for Greg and Teresa Leeth as they minister to our missionaries in Papua New Guinea now thru February 20th.
-Pray for our missionary kids in universities here in the USA while many of their parents are on their fields of service.
-Pray that funds will continue to come in for our Advent Offering.

Missionaries available for services:

-Dan & Peggy Zimmerman (U.S. Hispanic Ministries) 612-412-2384
-Shawn & Bethany Waugh (Papua New Guinea) 740-601-6985
-Greg & Teresa Leeth (Pastors to Missionaries) 740-804-1084
-John Taylor, Special Assignment (Call Missionary Department at 740-474-8856)
-Doug & Becky Darfus (American Indian Field) 614-203-0494
-Butch & Leatha Jenkins (Papua New Guinea) 740-601-0942

Other Available Missionary Speakers:

-Dr. Mary Hermiz (Interim Missionary Supt. and former missionary) 740-777-7661
-Rev. Bob Jones (former missionary to Papua New Guinea) 740-710-8493
-Rev. Steve Palmer (work team leader) 740-412-1224

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