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Teresa Bowman 2023Teresa Bowman serves on the Texas-Mexico Border, working with children, youth, and families.

"I received a call to serve the Lord as a missionary during my teenage years, but other life choices kept me from answering that call until now.

In the intervening years, I have raised my children, cared for aging parents, and served in my local church. Now that my children are all grown and gone and my parents have passed on, I feel free to return to the calling which the Lord placed on my life so long ago and re-confirmed over twenty-five years ago.

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Although I have many times failed and been unfaithful, He has never failed me and has been ever faithful. Hallelujah! Now I seek to serve Him to the best of my ability for all of my remaining days in whatever capacity He sees fit.

I hold a local license to preach with CCCU and am working toward ordination. I love ministering to youth and children and am working to become fluent in Spanish."