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Weadette Burge 2018Weadette Burge serves as a missionary in Paraguay.

With an incredibly diverse skill set, her ministries vary greatly. She has served in roles ranging from Field Treasurer to Christian Education Coordinator to artist, and beyond.

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I was blessed to be born into a Christ-centered home. I accepted Christ at the tender age of five due to the early cultivation and sowing of God’s Word in my heart. My family’s involvement in church opened up opportunities for me to minister at an early age. While still in kindergarten, I began to recite scripture and sing at church, in nursing homes, and even in the community. The scripture I memorized not only ministered to others but also kept me close to God. I made it a practice to say, “Yes, Lord,” at every prompting. Yet, my call to missions nearly went unheeded.

My home church, Heritage Church in Washington Court House, Ohio, was missions-minded and missionary-sending. Career missionaries were sent out, and work teams were sent every year. My oldest brother went on a couple of trips. He returned home with pictures, souvenirs, and many stories. I always enjoyed hearing tales of other lands and people but never thought about going myself.

That changed in 1993 when I was invited to go to Laredo, Texas. Yet, it was not until six years and five work teams later that I even considered the Lord might be calling me into full-time service. I could see the need and had the desire to serve but thought, “How will God use an artist on a mission field? Would it not be better to paint in the United States and support a teacher, preacher, nurse, or doctor who is truly needed on the field?” It took another year for the Lord to convince me that my desire was actually His desire that He had placed within me. Once this was established, I went back to default mode and said, “Yes, Lord.”

Many years have passed since I said yes. That simple yes brought with it innumerable changes; no two years have been alike. The constant changes were a bit perplexing, at times leaving me disoriented. Yet there was one constant. There was One who never changed. God has been faithful to guide, to walk alongside, and to strengthen me as I am continually met with new opportunities.