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Rev. Mike Holbrook is the General Superintendent of The Churches of Christ in Christian Union.

Mike brings a wealth of experience to the leadership of the CCCU. He has served as the South Central District Superintendent, Assistant District Superintendent, and Senior Pastor of Circleville First Church of Christ in Christian Union for sixteen years.  

He has a great passion for leading churches to fulfill God's mission for them.

He and his wife, Charla, make their home in the Circleville, Ohio.

Thank God for Mount of Praise

Mount of Praise Camp has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I grew up as a part of Circleville First Church and the Mount of Praise Camp was always a highlight of every year.

Our founding fathers were men of vision and dreams. The Churches of Christ in Christian Union was established after a few official meetings and the vision became a reality. Church planting, publishing interests, missions and even a ministry to orphans was among the vison that was cast. History tells us that three years into our existence the following resolution was adopted at the annual council:

    Whereas, we recognize the Annual Camp Meetings of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union as a means of the accomplishment of great good in the unification of its local bodies, both ministerial and laymen, and

    Whereas, in order to its complete successfulness, the hearty cooperation of all the churches should be exercised, therefore, be it

    Resolved: That all ministers and evangelistic workers of this council so arrange their dates as to not inflict (sic) with the date of the annual meeting.

The Camp Meeting movement in The Churches of Christ in Christian Union was alive and well. The camp ending up in Circleville has been well documented. Rev. O.L. Ferguson lived in the southeast area of Circleville and one day he went to the Ohio Street property to get a drink from the good clear well water that was located on a small hill on the original Mount of Praise location. As he neared the well God spoke to him and told him this is the place for camp meeting. He summoned the other committee members; shared what God had told him and they agreed. They were able to purchase the property for $2300.00. The name Mount of Praise was chosen and the first camp meeting was held on East Ohio Street just down the street from Circleville First Church in 1918.

Mount of Praise has not only survived but has successfully navigated through multiple changes, including relocating to the beautiful campus of Ohio Christian University. We praise God for His continued anointing on our camp and for the fruitful ministry taking place to this day.

As we left the 2019 Camp, we all looked forward to the 2020 Mount of Praise Camp. I don’t believe anyone would have seen the COVID 19 pandemic force the changes for the 2020 Camp. Safety for our people along with following certain protocols became a focus and so the camp was moved to our Heritage Church and held in August. It was different and although we had face to face services most people joined through other media opportunities. I give praise to God that even through the necessary changes and different format the Lord came and there were many victories.

Mount of Praise Camp has always had a two-fold purpose:

First is to see the working of God. The anticipation of God’s presence draws us and our hearts are filled with awe as we sense the very presence of the Holy Spirit. Lives are changed and we are filled with unspeakable joy as we rejoice in seeing God break free and the people obediently respond and there is spiritual victory.

Second is the joy of being with friends and people we love. Camp meeting is the wonderful opportunity to catch up with those we haven’t been able to see or visit with for some time. We can see old friends and make new friends. We are able to create a bond that will unify us for the building of the Kingdom and to the Glory of God.

It is with this anticipation I look forward to 2021 Mount of Praise Camp. Our plan is to be back on the beautiful campus of Ohio Christian University. You can find the schedule for Mount of Praise in this Evangelical Advocate or online. The Evangelical Christian Ladies are planning to have the ECL Banquet Friday, June 18th and please note Mount of Praise Camp will be from Sunday, June 20 to Sunday, June 27.

May God help us to work as hard and be as faithful now and into the future as the visionary leaders worked in the past. As we come together and labor together, the ministry and good of Mount of Praise will always be fruitful and minister long into the future.

Dr. Mike Holbrook
General Superintendent