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2012! Could this be the year? More than likely you have heard some of the numerous predictions that on December 21st. 2012, life as we know it will come to an end. Some are predicting a cataclysmic apocalypse and others are predicting the second coming of Christ.

It is interesting to note that many years ago several protestant and Catholic scholars predicted that Christ would return in 2012. Another intriguing fact is, some Jewish scholars have predicted that the Messiah would come for the first time in 2012.

Added to these predictions is the fact that the Mayan Indian calendar ends with 2012. Even Hollywood has gotten in on the speculation with the movie 2012.

With all of these predictions many are very concerned about what might happen this year. I suspect that these concerns will escalate dramatically in the Fall months of this year. Already I am being asked questions like, "Is it possible that Jesus will return this year?" "Will we see the beginning of the Tribulation in 2012?"

My response is, "It is possible, because Jesus is going to return someday and I think it could be soon or, there will be a Tribulation and it is possible that it will begin in 2012 depending on the sequence of end times events."

It would be foolish to think that neither one of these events will take place in 2012. It is going to happen sometime and it's possible that this could be the year. However, it is foolish to set dates. Jesus said, "Only the Father knows the day and the hour." So I am NOT predicting that these end times prophecies will be fulfilled this year.

The Bible gives us some specific prophetic signs for which we should watch. Jesus said, "When you see all these things, know that it is near even at the door." (MT.24:3) As I watch events unfolding in the Middle East I am persuaded that the return of Christ is even at the door. He is coming back very soon.

In light of all these things this is how I intend to live this year. I will continue to plan and prepare for the future as if I will live many more years on this earth. However, I will live in such a way that if Christ should return, or if the Tribulation begins, or if the Lord should call me home I will be prepared to meet Him. I do not intend to waste my time fretting or worrying about the future because it is in God's control and He is my heavenly Father.

I want to urge each one of you to so live that you will be prepared to meet Him. Life is always uncertain. Live in such a way that you will be ready to meet Him at any moment. Let's also be determined to take as many with us to heaven as possible. It's time to work for the night will soon be upon us when no man can work. Today we have unprecedented opportunities to spread the gospel. Tomorrow it could be too late.

Could this be the year? Certainly! However, I will not make any predictions. What I am saying is that it COULD be the year. So be ready, for in such an hour as you think not He will return." 2012?