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One of the heresies promoted in our culture today is that our faith and Christian values are private. Sadly, many Christians are very reluctant to talk about their faith. I can assure you the devil delights in their silence.

We cannot keep our faith private. Truth must have a voice. It is up to us to speak the truth in love. If we don’t, who will?

Our children and youth are being indoctrinated to be tolerant of all lifestyles and values. Much of this tolerance is taught in our public schools. The secular music they listen to, the movies and television programs they watch glamorize sinful alternative practices. Many of their idols spew out sinful practices and lifestyles.

It is imperative in these days for the Church to speak out firmly, clearly and with Christian love against the sinful practices all around us. Our children are being taught they should be non-judgmental and tolerant of all lifestyles.

In this very brief article, I must declare the Biblical truth that marriage is always and only to be between one man and one women. It is the only relationship where the gift of sexual intimacy is condoned. The homosexual lifestyle, including same sex marriage is sinful and contradicts Biblical truth.

It is tragic that our society has given the green light to transgenderism. The condoning of this practice only perpetuates what is a deep seated psychological and physical disorder.

We need to be reminded; God loves everyone with an unconditional love. He extends grace and mercy to all who will repent of their sins and follow Him. However, He will never condone sin of any kind.

I believe the grace of God is sufficient to help those who are attracted to the same sex to deny themselves and live a life of sexual purity. He can empower the transgender to rise above psychological and physical disorders and live a holy life that pleases Him.

Just as God will forgive fornication and adultery, He will forgive the practicing homosexual and transgender if they will repent and seek Him. Nothing is too hard for the God we serve. He will transform your life and give you the grace and power to live a holy life. The blood of Christ has never lost its power.

Over the years I have watched the Lord absolutely transform many individuals whose lives were deeply scarred with sexual sins of every kind including pornography.

May the Lord help us to always speak the truth in love and give them a message of hope. We serve a great God who is able to do exceeding, abundant and beyond that which we could ask or think.