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Many of us are guilty of being roped into one of TV's greatest weapons to ensure loyalty, the MARATHON! Whether you find yourself home on a holiday or perhaps on a cold snow day it is easy to slump down on the couch and find yourself staring at the tube in a zombie-like state. Depending on the nature of the program or movie series this state may last for hours or even all day, but no matter the time, the result is always the same. After hours of uninterrupted devotion we are changed, we begin to talk like the characters, take on their lifestyle and circumstances, resonate with them, we begin to live the plot and possibly worst of all we are unable to close our eyes without seeing a frame or scene from the previous hours of commitment.

con•sume - kənˈsum, verb

1. to expend by use; use up.

2. to eat or drink up

3. to absorb; engross

Being truly consumed is a commitment of time, talent, treasure and self. As illustrated in the circumstances above we are changed by the forfeiting of our time, the opening of our heart and mind and the giving of our self. The world wants nothing more than for you to be consumed with; self-image, video games, social networking, sports, sex and countless others. Perhaps you can resonate with one of the items from the previous list or maybe you harbor another object of consumption entirely. No matter what consumes you, it is time to turn off the worldly marathon and be consumed by the Father.

Join us at South Central District Spring Retreat as we learn what it means to be Consumed by Him!  The retreat will be held on March 30-April 1, 2012 at the Scioto Hills Camp & Retreat Center.  The SCD ECY Board is excited to announce Ryan Bash as the speaker for this year's retreat.  Ryan is the Senior Pastor of Trinity Chapel CCCU in Milford Center, Ohio.  Prior to Milford Center, Ryan led a dynamic youth ministry as the Pastor of Student Ministries at Faith Memorial Church in Lancaster, Ohio.  Jason Otero, Youth & Worship Pastor at Winchester CCCU, will return to lead worship.  Jason is a gifted musician and worship leader with a passion for sharing God's love with young people.

Register NOW for the 2012 Spring Retreat!  You can register online ,using the link below, or by calling the ECY Office at 740-474-8856.  Early Bird Registration is available for $95.00 until March 26th.  After March 26th, the regular registration rate is $110.00.  For more information, contact the ECY Office at the number above or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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