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BethTabor-620x400CCCU Church Planter Beth Tabor was recently recognized as one of 20 Outstanding Women by Sunny 95 FM, a Columbus, Ohio, radio station.  Beth and her husband, Rev. Tim Tabor, are planting a new CCCU congreation Columbus - the Church on Como. Sunny 95 recognizes Outstanding Women annually. Sunny 95 published the following article honoring Beth's life and work.

Addictions run deep in Beth Tabor's family. She was an addict at a very young age and in rehab by 17. Beth was a single mother who worked four jobs to provide for her girls. She had surgery 18 times from the waist down and spent four years in a double leg cast. Through all of the medical issues, Beth was able to maintain the small business that she had at the time. Those obstacles helped forge her resolve and strengthened her determination to help others overcome their personal obstacles.

Currently, Beth and her husband Tim are co-pastors at the Church on Como. She is also Executive Director of Como Recovery and Owner of Como Restoration Ltd. Beth and her husband originally started with a Bible study in their home that the young adults attending began to call home church. Home church drew people in various stages of addiction (mostly opiate/heroin addicts). In 2011 Beth and Tim began to take addicts into their home and in 2012 they opened their first Men's Ministry House and continued to take young women into their home. In February of 2013 they rented a house for male addicts and began their full-time recovery program, Como Recovery. In March of 2013 Beth and Tim purchased the old Como UM church and began to restore it. "We quickly discovered that the old church building was a good place for the people in our recovery program to learn basic work skills." In 2014 they began a company that applied those skills to help support the recovery program, Como Restoration Ltd.

Beth's life recently has been so busy that there was a time that she had to make the decision to leave the safety of a full time job in order to keep pace with the recovery program that demanded all of her attention. With how fast the programs have grown, Beth says that she doesn't sleep much and that her family is fully engaged in the work that they do. "My husband highly recommends a day off on Monday and we exercise regularly. There is a strong sense of family amongst the people we live and work with each day. The program has grown with us and we have adjusted our lives to the demands of living in the environment we helped create."

Beth's heroes are every addict in their recovery program. "They make difficult decisions every day to live clean and address issues that many of us will never have to face." Beth says that she doesn't really know if she has a life goal. "I get up every day and do what needs to be done, address problems directly as they come, and live with integrity." Ultimately though, Beth would love to have those who have received help through their programs give back to others what they have received.

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