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The General Church Extension Department is excited to announce the Spring 2016 Church Extension Offering. Beginning on March 20th, churches across the denomination will begin receiving this offering to launch new churches, support the training of church planters, assist church plants with start up costs, and enable new churches to launch effectively.

Considering the urgency of the times, the imminent return of Jesus Christ, and the uncertainty of world events swirling around us, the church must take seriously the command of our Lord to preach the gospel and to advance His kingdom at any cost. When I consider the sacrifice that Jesus made for us offering salvation for all that believe through His sacrificial death on the cross, could He ask anything from us comparable to His sacrifice? As challenging as planting new churches can be considering the commitment, dedication, and hard work necessary for success, can any opportunity to spread the Good News be tossed aside? When we approach our involvement in the ministry of planting churches as optional, we settle for passive rather than an active participation in the overall commandment of The Great Commission. Currently we are setting goals in cooperation with Ohio Christian University to establish new churches and 1000 leaders by the 2025. Some already consider this an impossible task and without the sacrifice of those God is leading into this ministry and without financial support, it probably is. Let us never forget however, planting churches and taking the message of the cross to the lost at any cost has always been the first priority of God. It cost God everything including the death of His only Son.

But, nothing is impossible with God! The Word of God has not changed. The need for churches alive with the presence of the Holy Spirit through anointed preaching and worship never diminishes. Therefore we need to ask ourselves, is there any logical reason not to be involved in launching new churches? Is there any viable excuse for not participating physically or financially in planting a new church? If our response is no to each of these questions, then what excuse can we possibly have when we see Jesus face to face?

No matter the cost, no matter the time and commitment it will take from all of us, let's plant churches for the glory of God taking the message of the cross as we go.

Click here to download the 2016 Church Extension Spring Offering Poster! For more information about how to promote, participate, and contribute to Church Extension, please contract the Church Extension Department at 740-474-8856, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..