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Dear CCCU friends,

One of my deepest concerns for CCCU is the decline of our missions program and our declining number of missionaries. In 2003 we had 50 missionaries. Today we have 29. With pending retirements, that number will fall even lower very soon. Over the last ten years we have only had ONE new missionary application.

In light of the above facts, when our esteemed General Missionary Superintendent, Dr. David Lattimer resigned, The General Board of Trustees asked Dr. Mary Hermiz to be the short term, interim, General Missionary Superintendent. Also, they requested that she should lead a special committee to do an analysis of our missionary program and see what could be done to stop the decline and move us forward once again.

Over the last several months Dr. Hermiz and this committee have worked hard to analyze the problem and make the needed recommendations to the General Board of Trustees. On November 10, 2017 the General Board received the recommendations and in summary made the following decisions:

1. With World Gospel Mission taking the responsibility to train, equip and coach our missionaries, the position of General Missionary Superintendent will become a 24 hours a week position beginning on January 1, 2018. The primary function of the General Missionary Superintendent will be to work with our churches to increase mission awareness.

2. You might be aware that currently our CCCU/WGM missionaries must raise 25% of their financial package for administrative costs (15% to WGM and 10% to CCCU) for administration. This greatly increases the difficulty our CCCU missionaries have in raising their support. The General Board of Trustees REMOVED the 10% our CCCU missionaries must raise.

3. The Office Administrative Assistant will remain full time.

4. Regional training seminars will be conducted by the General Missionary Superintendent to train our local church missionary presidents.

5. All WGM missionaries will be allowed to speak in our churches, by invitation, and raise support. This will greatly broaden our vision of what God is doing in many parts of the world where we do not have CCCU missionaries.

6. We are requesting that the CCCU General Missionary Superintendent have a seat on the WGM board of Trustees. This will greatly improve communication between CCCU and WGM.

7. Over the next year or so we will gradually sell our missionary houses. We continue to lose a great deal of money on the houses. Please know that our CCCU missionaries do NOT have to pay rent when they are home out of their personal salary. When home they pay their rent and utilities out of their ministry account. These are funds they are required to raise.

The majority of our missionaries have received these changes with great joy and are rejoicing. Some do not like the changes nor the process that was followed by the General Board. We regret that not everyone agrees with these decisions. However, we cannot function effectively by consensus. If we operate by consensus none of the hard decisions would ever be made. The decline must stop. We must address the problems and move forward to fulfill our Divine mandate to reach a lost world with the Gospel. A nominating committee was appointed by the General Board to bring a name or names to them around the first of the year to appoint the person that will fill out the unexpired term of General Missionary Superintendent.

Your prayers will be greatly appreciated as we endeavor to turn this situation around. We need divine wisdom and guidance as we move forward. I urge you to pray that the Lord of the harvest will call workers for the harvest that lies ahead.

Grace & Peace,

Dr. Thomas H. Hermiz
General Superintendent