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WCD Council 2022

The West Central District meets today, Saturday, July 9th, 2022, for its 42nd annual District Council at Capital City CCCU in Columbus, Ohio. Ministers, delegates, and district officials will elect officers for the coming Council terms. Many significant votes will be taken. Results will be listed below throughout the day.

Elected to following offices were:

2023 Nominating Committee: Rev. Joe Stafford (Chair), Dr. Dan Tipton, Rev. Kevin Behrer, Rev. Bill Benner, Rev. Faron Tabor, Rev. Chris Newland, Mrs. Sharon Nelson, Mr. Dean Hawk, and Dr. Joy Shields-Miller.

Assistant District Superintendent: Rev. Dan Jordan

District Board of Trustees: Dr. David Case, Dr. Dan Tipton, & Rev. Mark Barth

District Board of Examination and Ordination: Rev. Joe Stafford

District Church Extension Committee: Mr. Eric Herron

District Pastoral Relationship Board:

District Missionary Committee Member:

WCD Evangelical Christian Youth (ECY) Vice President:

WCD ECY Secretary:

WCD ECY Member-at-Large:

District Christian Education Committee:

Camp Meeting Committee:

District Evangelical Christian Ladies (ECL) Committee: