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The Churches of Christ in Christian Union met Tuesday, June 19th, and Wednesday, June 20th, 2018, for the 36th General Council at Ohio Christian University in Circleville, Ohio. Ministers, delegates, and denominational officials elected officers and considered resolutions for the coming Council terms. Many significant votes were taken. 

Elected to following offices were:

2020 Nominating Committee: Philip Tipton (Chair), Bowles Taitt, Mark Barth, Kevin Behrer, Jonathan Morgan, Rhonda Slark, Betty Seymour, David Uhl, & Joy Miller.

General Superintendent Election: Rev. Mike Holbrook

Assistant General Superintendent Election: Rev. Gary Heimbach

General Board of Trustees: Dr. David Case, Rev. Bruce Morrison, Rev. Bowles Taitt

General Missionary Board: Mr. Bill Bonham, Mr. Tim Hawk

Ohio Christian University Board of Trustees: Dr. Connie Bowman, Mr. Randy Kneece, & Dr. Dan Tipton

General Church Extension Committee: Rev. Dan Jordan

General Board of Examination and Ordination: Dr. David Lattimer

General Evangelical Christian Youth Board - Treasurer: Ms. Elizabeth Rutkowski

General Evangelical Christian Youth Board - Advisory Pastor: Rev. Donald Craft

General Christian Education Committee: Rev. Mark Barth

General Camp Meeting Committee: Ms. Sonja Barnwell, Rev. Pat Burnett, Mr. Tom Fletcher, Rev. Warren Goble, Rev. Aaron Long

Retirement Plan Committee: Mr. Bill Bonham

General Evangelical Christian Ladies Committee: Ms. Crystal Spriggs