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The Northeast District met today, Friday, July 27th, 2018, for its annual District Council at Lily Lake Campground in Port Crane, New York. Ministers, delegates, and district officials elected officers for the coming Council terms. Many significant votes were taken. Results are listed below.

Elected to following offices were:

Nominating Committee: Janet Dixon (Chair), Randy Saultz, Luanne Spade, Dorothy Penird, Brad Dixon, Bowles Taitt, Eydie Bolin, Jennifer Donihue, and Ann Jenkins.

District Superintendent: Frank Skies

Assistant District Superintendent: Bowles Taitt

District Board of Trustees: Rupert Harrison, Jeff Donihue, and Steve Boliln

District Board of Examination and Ordination: Dorothy Penird and Charles Nutt

District Church Extension Committee: James Ashworth Henry

District Pastoral Relationship Board: Andy Fey

District Missionary Committee Member: Yolande Thomas

NED Evangelical Christian Youth (ECY) Vice-President: Jennifer Donihue

NED ECY Secretary: Eydie Bolin

NED ECY Member-at-Large: Andy Fey

District Christian Education Committee: Vilna Henry

Camp Meeting Committee: Jim Watson and Linus Saile

District Evangelical Christian Ladies (ECL) Committee: Janet Dixon