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The South Central District met Friday, July 19th, 2019, for its 61st annual District Council at Brookside Church in Chillicothe, Ohio. Ministers, delegates, and district officials gathered to elect officers for the coming Council terms. Many significant votes were taken. Results are listed below.

Elected to following offices were:

Nominating Committee: Aaron Satterfield (Chair), Mike Hughes, Chad Lykins, Larry Olson, Ben Polley, Suzanne Huffman, Shirley Cooper, Eugene Holley, and Jim Sisson.

Assistant District Superintendent: Rev. Doug Campbell

District Board of Trustees: Rev. Bud Allman, Rev. Charles Elliott, & Rev. Larry Olson

District Board of Examination and Ordination: Rev. Lonnie Potts

District Church Extension Committee: Rev. Marilyn Roades

District Pastoral Relationship Board: Rev. Chris Johnson

District Missionary Committee Member: Rev. David Lattimer

SCD Evangelical Christian Youth (ECY) President: Rev. Ben Polley

SCD ECY Treasurer: Rev. Aaron Long

SCD ECY Member-at-Large: Rev. Nick Adams

District Christian Education Committee: Rev. Mike Roades

Camp Meeting Committee: Mr. John Jenkins & Rev. Wayne Hiles

District Evangelical Christian Ladies (ECL) Committee: Mrs. Rachel Sims