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OCU Offering 2021Ohio Christian University was founded in 1948 by The Churches of Christ in Christian Union to train world-impacting Christ-centered servant leaders. Every September, the CCCU churches lovingly and generously take up a special offering to support Ohio Christian University. This offering provides scholarships for students and support for the University.

We celebrate our University and those who have invested so deeply in this great endeavor. We look forward to the future with a hope that is firmly place in the promises of our God and His faithfulness. Now is time to support Christian higher education as we fight for the minds, hearts, and souls of our students. Please join us and show you support on September 12th.

Each year, Ohio Christian University awards more than $4,000,000 in student aid. Your gifts during the OCU Offering will help fund those scholarships and will significantly impact the lives of students at OCU!

For more information, promotional materials, and more offering resources, visit the Heritage & Hope Offering page on the OCU website.