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Church Extension Spring Offering 2021The General Church Extension Department is excited to announce the 2023 Church Extension Offering. Churches across the denomination will begin receiving this offering to launch new churches, support the training of church planters, assist church plants with start up costs, and enable new churches to launch effectively.

Our annual Church Extension offering is scheduled for May 21, 2023. Our ability to assist in establishing new churches greatly depends on your generosity and concern for launching new congregations. If every church gave $10 per member, we would have the adequate funds to support our new church effort. We had two couples attend the ARC Launch Conference in February. Both are seeking to make application for ARC Assessment for new church plants in Washington State and in Florida. There are also others who were not able to attend this conference ready to launch new churches as well. We are in the initial phase of planning with those couples too.

Our theme this year for the offering is: Ignite – It Only Takes a Spark. If God ignites a spark in your heart with a love for lost people, He will fan it into a flame that cannot be put out which will allow churches to be established, grow, and move forward. On the Day of Pentecost, the single flame of the Holy Spirit rested on the heads of the 120 gathered in the Upper Room. God used that spark to ignite an entire movement. God fanned that single flame establishing His church. The church will remain until Jesus returns. We trust God to ignite that same fire in our hearts so through the establishment of new churches many will come to know the Lord.

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