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David and Debbie serve as Regional Directors for The Americas Region. As Regional Directors for fields throughout the Americas, they focus on transformation. They believe that a heart change through the Gospel should be evident in every aspect of one’s life. Their current position allows them to encourage missionaries in the USA, Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay.

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David grew up on the mission field in Honduras and was saved and sanctified in high school. Debbie also grew up as a missionary kid in Burundi, Africa. She was saved during junior high and sanctified in high school. Having both grown up in Christian homes, we desire to see others come to know the Lord. Since 1991, we have served in various roles on three different WGM fields—Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, Honduras, and El Salvador. We currently have the privilege of serving in the Americas Region with WGM.

"We engage in partnerships that validate every individual’s potential as God’s image-bearers. We love joining our co-workers in the region in dreaming of innovative ways to disciple the nations in which they work."

"Our daughter, Kaitlin, husband Marco, and our son Taylor and his wife, Kami, live close to us in Dallas, Texas. Our son Blake and his wife, Jessica, are parents to our four grandchildren who live far, far away in Indiana. The nearby DFW airport provides easy access to all countries we serve in the Americas Region as well as our grandchildren."