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Living Hope Community Church in Mansfield, OH started off the New Year in a new way. On December 30th, we launched something called a “Say Yes” campaign. If you’re reading this article, then you have probably seen the need a church often has for volunteers to take part in an already-existing ministry or start a new one. We tend to have less than 20% of the people in the congregation doing 80% of the work that could be done. Scripture is very clear in 1 Peter 4:10, when it states “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” The “Capital C” Church is about more than showing up on Sunday mornings to listen to a sermon and then go home. So, to provide more opportunities for our congregation, we began the Say Yes Campaign.


For our campaign, we built a 6 ft wall out of pallets and placed it in the back of our sanctuary. We created posters for each of our main ministries that read “If you SAY YES to (student ministry, toddler church, A.C.T.S Ministry, etc), you may be saying yes to…” and shared various things you may encounter within these ministries. For instance, our student ministry poster listed things like texting, giving rides to church, and having tough conversations. Around each of these posters, we glued clothespins that would hold our “Say Yes” cards. The “Say Yes” cards were the most important part of the wall.

Each ministry that we showcased on the wall shared with us the roles they needed filled. Student ministry needed a greeter at the door on Wednesday nights and A.C.T.S ministry needed more people to serve food to the community. Our children’s church needed snack facilitators and our toddler’s church needed teachers. We typed up “Say Yes” cards that listed the ministry’s need and what was expected of those who decided to say yes. Once our congregation grabbed the card and wrote down their contact information, we got a hold of them immediately to discuss the next step. Our wall held over 25 needs that could be met by the people of God in the congregation. So far, over 10 roles have been filled. Currently, as a result of this campaign and the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit, our children’s ministry direction position has been filled and our youth ministry now has a brand-new volunteer who is ready to assist.
If you are considering launching a “Say Yes” campaign, I encourage you to check out Pinterest for a few ideas. Find somebody in the church who can help you build a wall and place it somewhere that will make it obvious to everyone who comes into your building. Begin praying now for God to bless this effort by your ministry leaders and prepare the hearts of those He is calling. We can’t wait to hear what God does for your church through this campaign.