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In honor of your godly example, Your faithful investment in God’s people, Your commitment to biblical truth and teaching of sound doctrine, Your wise and endearing counsel, patience, and compassion, Your leadership and fortitude, But most importantly, your love and friendship, Please accept our deepest gratitude and most sincere expression of thanks.
-The West Central District of The Churches of Christ in Christian Union

These were the words written on plaques given to Dr. David and Sally Case and Dr. Doug and Winnie Carter on the final evening of West Central District Camp Meeting 2019. In life we have those who have made a large impact on our lives. As we grow older and hopefully wiser, we recognize that impact more and more and it grows stronger and stronger! The Cases and the Carters have lived their lives with distinction, dignity, and dedication wrapped in faithfulness and longevity. Below are excerpts from the tributes offered to these wonderful couples on July 21, 2019.


Rev. Steve McGuire: Dr. David Case has been my professor, colleague, friend, and is/always will be my first mentor. I was privileged to see the other, more relaxed side of him in visits to Lindsey’s Coffee Shop in Circleville. When I would mention ideas that I had, he would say, “I dare you to do that.” Sometimes that ended well; other times … Anyone who ever had a “Case” class was pushed to think and challenged to get into Scripture to see how that would shape your faith and your life in very real ways. In college, I was jealous of my friends with more “Case” classes. One thing that I am learning from him today as we are both privileged to serve as Bible teachers at camp meetings is to teach just the first half of a book so that I’m invited back the next year to teach the second half! When I mentioned to my Mom what I was doing tonight, she cried and said, “I know that he’s had quite an impact on you and has shaped you into who you are today.” He and Sally have always been and are a team. I appreciate both David and Sally Case.

Rev. R. D. Saunders: So many here tonight could share exactly where Doug came into their lives. Such a warm, loving, uplifting, encouraging presence is he that he became a bridge to the next thing we did in life – causing you to wonder what would’ve happened if he hadn’t come. I first met him at Stoutsville Camp where I learned that whatever Doug Carter is selling, you’re buying! I attended CBC because of his influence and now 23 years later because of his obedience at Equip, seven million Christian leaders around the world have been developed, and in the last two years, 192,000 people have come to Christ. Winnie has always been that loving, godly, prayerful presence right next to Doug. The simple fact is that had Doug and Winnie not come into my life, I wouldn’t have the passion for God, desire to serve the Lord, hunger for holiness, and willingness to give my life for the cause of Christ that I now have. Tonight we thank Doug and Winnie for their impact on our lives: their love, parental concern, godly character, challenging, prophesorial, and presidential words, and their servant hearts.