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Welcome to the Churches of Christ in Christian Union. On the pages of this web site you will discover the heart and vision of this organization.

The focus always leads to Jesus Christ. He is the hope of the world. He is the central person of every local church. His cause is the underlying motivation of every department. Whether at home, or around the world, fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord is of paramount importance to all we are.

You will find here a passion for the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit. He is the guide to all of God's people as each one pursues a holy life. He alone can cleanse the heart of a fully submitted Christian. He is the director of the church. We seek to be attentive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Our leaders, ministers, and congregations are prepared to serve you in your journey of faith with God. All of us who are a part of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union count it a blessing to work together in a united purpose to advance God's work.

Rev. Mike Holbrook
General Superintendent
The Churches of Christ in Christian Union