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Gene Mattox 2021 WGMGene serves as a full-time volunteer missionary in Papua New Guinea. 

God has called Gene to be a teacher at the Christian Union Bible College (CUBC) in Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea. CUBC trains national pastors from all regions of the Western and Central Highlands in Papua New Guinea.

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The Christian Union Church of Papua New Guinea has around 150 pastors. Approximately 50 of them have had formal education through the Bible college. The Great Commission has two parts: to baptize and to teach. I am going to PNG to do the second part of the Great Commission; to teach, so my students can fulfill the first part of the Great Commission in their communities: winning souls and baptizing.

What will I be doing at the Christian Union Bible College in Papua New Guinea?

I will be teaching and discipling pastors and Christian workers to bring them closer to Christ; thereby, empowering their ministries to be more effective for the kingdom of God.

My primary ministry at CUBC will be assisting the faculty and staff teaching and preparing the national pastors. I will be serving as a teacher. The courses range from basic Bible and Inductive Bible Study courses for individual books of the Bible to Church History and Theological studies. The curriculum also includes leadership and spiritual formation courses.

Our goal is to develop pastors and Christian workers academically, theologically, and spiritually in order to be better prepared to minister to their communities and churches.

I will be preaching and teaching off campus as well. The 'Bush’ is the rural and more remote regions of Papua New Guinea. When I am not teaching at the college, I will have the opportunity to serve, teach, and minister to pastors and people living in these areas.

Personally, my goal is to disciple and engage the students with the message of holiness. When they become sanctified—consecrated, sold out to God—they will naturally engage the people they minister to with the message of holiness. My ministry will be effective when it brings the students closer to God, helps them to find a deeper and closer walk with Jesus, and helps them to be more sensitive to the leading, teaching, and work of the Holy Spirit in the Church.