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The CCCU has a great team of committed missionaries, serving in various places around the world. We'd love for you to meet them so you can pray better for them!

Mike Donna Brown 2019 PreferredFrom the beginning of our service to the Lord as missionaries, we discovered it to be full of many opportunities to share God's love! We are so thankful for the privilege of sharing Christ's love in a needy part of our world called Bolivia. 

At Berea Bible Seminary, Mike trains future leaders for the church, teaching young people who have a God-given desire to serve others in the name of Christ. Periodic ministry trips to remote regions of the country have provided incredible opportunities to share the Gospel, at times in places where any Christian witness at all is still very new. We continue to look forward to what God has in store for us next in the land of our calling—Bolivia, South America. As a nurse, Donna has used her knowledge and skills to help those with physical needs, taking part in medical campaigns around Bolivia. Now officially retired, Donna continues to support Mike in ministry.

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Tim Aleyda Spetnagel 2022 webTim and Aleyda Spetnagel work with Proyecto Brazos de Jesús, a Christian school that wholistically ministers to families who live and work at the city landfill. Aleyda is a skilled and passionate educator and Bible teacher. Tim preaches, leads a men’s discipleship group, and facilitates the various building and vocational projects at the school and church. Together with Pastor Carlos and Mirna Mendoza, they provide an education, health care, food security, and most importantly, the message of hope through Christ to the students and their families.

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Barb Thomas 2022 websiteBarb Thomas serves as a volunteer missionary with Member Health and The Americas Region.

Barb ministers as an education consultant, discipler of missionaries, and teacher of English as Second Language classes for missionaries and those with whom they work. Barb shares, "I believe our time to reach others is short, so we must be about the Lord's work. In John 9:4, Jesus said, 'I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.'"

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Greg Teresa Leeth 2019Greg and Teresa Leeth serve as Pastors to Missionaries. They count it a joy to be in service to our missionaries in ministries of discipleship, encouragement, and pastoral support. They have the privilege of serving over 150 missionaries and missionary kids around the world.

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Scott Noel Hardaway

Scott and Noel serve as missionaries in Papua New Guinea.

After graduating from Asbury Theological Seminary (KY), Scott served as a pastor for 12 years in Michigan. He stepped down from that role after the loss of his first wife to cancer in 2012. Noel earned her degree in Bible and Elementary Education. She served as a missionary in Senegal, Africa, from 2006 to 2010. Scott and Noel were married in 2014.

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Benji Erica Jenkins 2022 websiteBenji grew up in Papua New Guinea where his parents served as missionaries until he was fourteen. After serving on multiple short-term mission trips, Benji felt God calling him to full-time service during a year-long stay in Honduras.

Erica grew up in a Christian home in southern Ohio and felt called to full-time mission work while attending Ohio Christian University. After serving together on a WGM task force to Paraguay, Benji and Erica knew they would minister together for the rest of their lives.

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Gene Mattox 2021 WGMGene serves as a full-time volunteer missionary in Papua New Guinea. 

God has called Gene to be a teacher at the Christian Union Bible College (CUBC) in Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea. CUBC trains national pastors from all regions of the Western and Central Highlands in Papua New Guinea.

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Seth Veronica Porter 2020Seth and Veronica Porter serve in Papua New Guinea.

They live in the Southern Highlands on the Montanda Mission Station. Montanda is about a four-hour drive from the town of Mt. Hagen, over rough roads into the bush. Their ministries consist of training nationals to fulfill ministry roles in the church, construction projects for the churches and mission, mentoring pastors, and preaching, and working with the national church in church-planting.

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2017 waugh 350Shawn and Bethany Waugh serve in Papua New Guinea.

Shawn and Bethany have served in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, church development, and field administration since being appointed in 2006. God called them to a land filled with beliefs in many gods and cultural ties so strong that deepening the people’s faith can be difficult. God is using them in PNG to raise up national pastors are well-equipped to evangelize and disciple their own people.

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Weadette Burge 2018Weadette Burge serves as a missionary in Paraguay.

With an incredibly diverse skill set, her ministries vary greatly. She has served in roles ranging from Field Treasurer to Christian Education Coordinator to artist, and beyond.

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Mark Susana Bev Donahue 2021Mark and Susana Bev Donahue serve as missionaries in Paraguay.

They are involved in a mentoring and discipleship ministry among national believers. It is their prayer that lives will be changed as people seek the Lord. Mark has also worked as the field office coordinator and guesthouse host, the national church treasurer, and as a keyboardist. Bev’s responsibilities have included guesthouse hostess, board member and board secretary for Asuncion Christian Academy, and as a music arranger and vocal coach.

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Jake Routzahn 2023Jake serves in Spain, ministering to North African immigrants. 

"My calling to serve North African immigrants in Spain began long before my first visit in December of 2018. I was blessed to have been raised in a church where the Great Commission was important, and I vividly remember hearing missionaries speak on missionary Sundays. I did not realize how much of an impact these services had on me until my time at Ohio Christian University.

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Butch Leatha Jenkins 2019

Butch and Leatha spent ten years as missionaries in PNG before the Lord led them to return to the States.

They traveled with mission teams to multiple fields before God called them back to PNG to work alongside the national church. Butch and Leatha now serve as Project Coordinators and Construction Consultants, overseeing projects around the world.

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Teresa Bowman 2023Teresa Bowman serves on the Texas-Mexico Border, working with children, youth, and families.

"I received a call to serve the Lord as a missionary during my teenage years, but other life choices kept me from answering that call until now.

In the intervening years, I have raised my children, cared for aging parents, and served in my local church. Now that my children are all grown and gone and my parents have passed on, I feel free to return to the calling which the Lord placed on my life so long ago and re-confirmed over twenty-five years ago.

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2017 kunkle 350

John and Priscilla Kunkle serve as missionaries on the Texas-Mexico Border.

Priscilla serves as the Area Team Leader, while John ministers through construction, maintenance, and facilities management. Together, they reach out to the local Hispanic community through Christian education and community service.

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David and Debbie serve as Regional Directors for The Americas Region. As Regional Directors for fields throughout the Americas, they focus on transformation. They believe that a heart change through the Gospel should be evident in every aspect of one’s life. Their current position allows them to encourage missionaries in the USA, Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay.

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Steve Debbie Cartwright 2018Steve and Debbie minister in the Gila River Indian Community, south of Phoenix, Arizona. Their main ministries focus on discipling, training, and encouraging Native Christians. Together they pastor a Native congregation, Siloam Church. Steve is also involved in summer Bible camps, Victory Guitar Outreach, and SOAR (Servant-Overcomer Addiction Recovery.) Debbie leads youth and children’s ministries at the church, serves as Field Treasurer, and is a member of the Southwest Ministries Leadership Team.

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Doug Becky Darfus 2020 WGM

Doug and Becky Darfus serve as missionaries in Arizona.

They minister to Native families, discipling youth and adults across the Southwestern U.S. God has placed a calling on their hearts to help Native American youth find hope through the forgiveness and love of Jesus Christ. 

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