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Mount of Praise Camp Meeting is proud to again welcome excellent workers to the MOP platform. You will be blessed by their ministry.


Rev. David Gallimore - A product of the evangelical camp meeting environment of the 20th century, David is a uniquely gifted communicator bridging the gap between the revival days of old and the modern day of the multi-sensory worship era. As a pastor/evangelist, David has held hundreds of evangelistic meetings across America and several other countries around the world. He currently is the lead pastor at Midland Valley Community Church of the Nazarene in Graniteville, South Carolina

Rev. Billy Huddleston - After a three-year youth pastorate near Chicago, Billy became a full-time evangelist in 1998. As he spent time in youth ministry, he felt the Lord calling him to invest in the church the same way he was most encouraged as believer. “Anything major that happened in my life,” Billy explains, “happened at a revival.” Seeing how the Word impacted the direction of his life through revival services cultivated a zeal for others to experience the same. Billy has a passion for seeing revival in the church and travels 48 weeks out of the year to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to all denominations across the country. In addition to his travels, Billy hosts a radio program, “The Word In You,” that airs weekly on stations across the nation.

Dr. Matt Ayars (Global Impact Rally) - Dr. Ayars serves as the President of Wesley Biblical Seminary. Prior to serving at WBS, Dr. Ayars was the President of Emmaus University of Haiti and a career missionary with the One Mission Society. Matt has a Ph.D. in Old Testament with publications on the Psalms and soteriology. Matt is married and the father of four children.

Worship Leaders

Brian Arner - Brian is first and foremost a music minister. He lives what he sings, and all that he sings spiritually stirs the soul. Brian has emerged as one of the finest voices in inspirational Christian music. His dramatic solo interpretations thrill, inspire and move his listeners. Since beginning his full-time ministry thirty years ago, Brian has been singing from his heart the praises of Jesus Christ.

Teens of Praise Coordinator

Rev. Aaron Green - The Teens of Praise comes under the direction of Aaron Green. Aaron serves as the youth pastor for our Faith Memorial Church in Lancaster, Ohio and as President of the General ECY Board. Aaron’s sincere desire for students to develop a dynamic relationship with Christ will be evident in every aspect of the Teens of Praise program.

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Rev. Greg and Becky Gardner - Rev. Greg Gardner and his wife, Becky, serve as co-leaders of the children's ministry. Together they continue the effective ministry to children that has characterized childrens’ work at the Mount of Praise for years. Each year the children receive outstanding spiritual guidance and inspiration. Your children will want to be repeat attendees in these childrens’ meetings. Greg is an ordained minister with The Churches of Christ in Christian Union and serves as the pastor of Hallsville United Methodist Church, and Becky teaches for Circleville City Schools.