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Mount of Praise Camp Meeting is proud to again welcome excellent workers to the MOP platform. You will be blessed by their ministry.


Rev. David Gallimore

Rev. Billy Huddleston

Worship Leaders

Rejoice and Allison Duncan King and the Miller Evangelical Church worship team

Teens of Praise Coordinator

Matthew & Ariel Ball - The Teens of Praise comes under the direction of Matthew & Ariel Ball. Matthew serves as the youth pastor for our North Church in Columbus, Ohio. Their sincere desire for students to develop a dynamic relationship with Christ will be evident in every aspect of the Teens of Praise program.

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Rev. Greg and Becky Gardner - Rev. Greg Gardner and his wife, Becky, serve as co-leaders of the children's ministry. Together they continue the effective ministry to children that has characterized childrens’ work at the Mount of Praise for years. Each year the children receive outstanding spiritual guidance and inspiration. Your children will want to be repeat attendees in these childrens’ meetings. Greg is an ordained minister with The Churches of Christ in Christian Union and serves as the pastor of Hallsville United Methodist Church, and Becky teaches for Circleville City Schools.