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There is no family or church in America that is untouched by addiction, and we are all well aware of the destructive nature of the opioid epidemic. Often we have an emotional response that ranges from disgust to frustration or even apathy, and we end up asking the following question: “What can I do?” Honestly, that’s not a bad question. In fact, it is a very important question IF we ask it with the right attitude and with the heart of Jesus – the heart of ministry, in mind. So if you have ever asked this question, or if it’s stirring your heart now, you must attend the one day conference that the CCCU General Department is sponsoring on March 2nd from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m at Crossroads CCCU in Circleville, Ohio  – The Opioid Epidemic and the Church: Our Response.

This conference is for anyone who is concerned about what to do – pastors, church leaders, laypersons – anyone who believes the Church should and can reach out to those broken by their own addictions. I believe Jesus still breaks chains and restores hope. On March 2nd we will be taught, encouraged and challenged by our own CCCU folks, often unsung heroes, who are already on the front lines, responding to this epidemic and the destruction it leaves behind. We will celebrate what God is already doing and we will be stretched by considering how God can use His church redemptively in the lives of people that many have given up on. The bottom line is this: You will leave this conference and go home to your community and church motivated to start ministering in practical ways to bring hope and salvation to those who desperately need Jesus.

More information will follow soon – make plans right now to be with us March 2nd.