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Tim Aleyda Spetnagel 2022 webTim and Aleyda Spetnagel work with Proyecto Brazos de Jesús, a Christian school that wholistically ministers to families who live and work at the city landfill. Aleyda is a skilled and passionate educator and Bible teacher. Tim preaches, leads a men’s discipleship group, and facilitates the various building and vocational projects at the school and church. Together with Pastor Carlos and Mirna Mendoza, they provide an education, health care, food security, and most importantly, the message of hope through Christ to the students and their families.

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“Besides the traditional classroom, we use sports, vocational training, and service projects to build relationships with all ages. Sharing God’s Word with our community means loving our neighbor as ourselves (Mark 12:30–31). We envision young leaders impacting their classmates and families today and changing their communities tomorrow.”

“We carry the message of hope through Christ to Honduras.”

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