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Stephen and Bethany Taylor 2023Stephen and Bethany Taylor are newly-appointed missionaries serving Native Americans on our U.S. Southwest Ministries field.

Stephen and Bethany will minister to Native Americans on the Gila River Reservation and surrounding areas. Stephen will minister through addiction recovery ministries and support the ministries of Siloam Church, a Native congregation on the reservation where CCCU Missionaries Steve and Debbie Cartwright are pastoring. Bethany has a burden to share the love of Christ and disciple young women.

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Stephen and Bethany have wonderful testimonies, a portion of which is shared below in their own words. Stephen shares:

Psalm 107:2 – “Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story - those He redeemed from the hand of the foe…”

The beginning of my life was marred by sin, selfishness, and self-indulgence. There was no drug I wouldn’t try or person I wouldn’t hurt. I was so focused upon sin and self that my life was crumbling around me. My family life was deteriorating, I lost jobs that most would love to have, and I had no hope or future - but God!

I found myself in a Greene County (Ohio) jail cell on drug possession charges. I was ashamed and felt all alone. I had no help and no hope, or so I thought. Jesus Christ met me in the jail cell that day and completely changed my life. He took me from desperately lost and thoroughly dead to alive and free. It was drastic and dramatic. The change was undeniable because the change came from Him. I realized that He is our only hope against sin, and He freely gives Himself to all who would call upon Him in truth.

After God set me free that day, He impressed upon my heart that I hadn’t seen anything yet. Since that day He has carried me and loved me far beyond what I ever knew or thought was possible.

From county jail, I went to prison for a few months on the drug possession charge. It turned out to be more of a blessing than anyone could have imagined. He took what the enemy intended for evil, turned it around for my good, and is using it for His glory.

God has continued to be faithful to me since that stint in prison. He gave me a new life, a beautiful God-fearing wife, and a place to serve Him. My wife and I currently serve as Youth Pastors at Xenia Grace Chapel. I also serve as the Chaplain Coordinator at Bridges of Hope (a faith-based homeless shelter).

We were blessed to take the teens from Xenia Grace Chapel on a missions trip to Arizona to serve alongside CCCU Missionaries Steve and Debbie Cartwright. On this mission trip, the Lord pressed upon my heart a call to serve Native Americans.

Since that trip, Bethany and I have been diligently praying and preparing for what God has ahead for us. Over the last year it has come into focus. I will serve with Steve at Siloam Church on the Gila River Reservation. I will also work with Steve to expand the SOAR Ministry (Servant-Overcomer Addiction Recovery) that Steve has pioneered. We plan to take into the highways and bi-ways, offering people the hope and freedom we have found in Christ.

Bethany shares:

When I was young, I said the “sinner’s prayer” constantly in children’s church. However, I do not remember a time when it really took root. I was very involved in ministry and Christian programs. I read the Bible and memorized Scripture, but it was a struggle for me. I was baptized when I was nine years old, but my heart wasn’t in the right place. Spiritual struggles continued.

When I was fourteen years old, I began doubting my relationship with God. At church camp, I felt the Lord calling me to rededicate my life to Him. I went to the altar and truly surrendered. I still had some doubts, but I asked God for faith. The Lord delivered, and He has been delivering ever since.

I longed for growth and depth in my walk with the Lord, but I didn't know how to get there. The Lord eventually led me leave the church in which I was raised and embark upon my own faith journey. He moved me to a new church with an amazing set of ladies who took me under their wings and helped me grow. He taught me so much there and even led me to start a business. It was through this business that I met my husband! I learned that if I remain faithful to Him then He will be faithful to me and the desires He has placed in my heart. I declare today that my life belongs to Jesus and thank Him for all that He has done for me.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” I memorized this verse as a child, but I never knew the depths of it. But after God brought me through tests and trials, I now know the profound power and truth of this verse.

The Lord has placed a call on my husband, Stephen, and I to serve Native Americans. I have had some amazing women pour into my life – mentoring me and discipling me. That's exactly what I want to do for the ladies in and around the Gila River Reservation in Arizona. I want to share with these precious women the hope, freedom, and confidence Christ has given me. I will also serve alongside Stephen at Siloam Church and in local communities. I praise God for the opportunity to serve Him!

Stephen and Bethany are actively building their support team. They need prayer partners and monthly financial supporters to join them in this ministry. Follow the link above to make a recurring gift or special gift to their ministry. They are available to speak at services, personal meetings, special events, Sunday School classes, and small groups. For more information about Stephen, Bethany, and their ministry, please contact the General Missionary Department at 740-474-8856 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..