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At the 27th General Council of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union held at Lancaster, Ohio, Faith Memorial, Churches of Christ in Christian Union, 9th and 10th August 2000, the Christian Union Churches of the West Indies was formally admitted as the Fourth District of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union International. That historic event climaxed a colorful series of events beginning 1935.

Churches of Christ in Christian Union Missionaries in the persons of Rev. & Mrs. George Surbrook were assigned to follow the Lord's call to world evangelism on the Island of Dominica in the West Indies. The beginning was rough and violent but the Lord honoured the tenacity, faith and commitment of the Surbrooks. In spite of aggressive opposition and the tragic lost of Rev. Surbrook, the Christian Union Mission (formally known as the Reformed Methodist Church), spread rapidly throughout that island.

The Church in Barbados was launched in 1956 under the leadership of Reverends Austin and Pearline Miller. Then in 1959, Reverend Samuel James returned to his native land of Antigua from Dominica and was used by God to establish a ministry there.

In 1964, the Church in Trinidad began, led by the Reverend Evans Chandler and his wife, Sylvia. After several failed attempts, the mission to start a work on the island of St. Croix finally bore fruit in the year 1990 through the efforts of Rev. Ned Prince and Rev. Michael Aubrey and is now making slow but steady progress.

The initiative to the island of Tortola had to be aborted after a promising beginning in 1995 but there are great expectations for the latest church planting on the island of Grenada being led by Pastor Robert Ross of the Trinidad District, which was launched July 2001.

The West Indies District of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union is comprised of thirty (30) congregations spread across six (6) Caribbean nations. There are sixteen (16) churches in the Island of Dominica, three (3) in Barbados, five (5) in Antigua, four (4) in Trinidad and church planting projects in Grenada and St. Croix.

Each of the islands except for Grenada and St. Croix is led by an Island District Superintendent, while the entire West Indies District is led by the West Indies District Superintendent.